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Derived from bovine collagen (from cattle specifically reared for the purpose), this is one of the most commonly used fillers made to plump out laughter lines around the eyes and turn thin lips into voluptuous ones.


Dermatologists are working on saline lip implants that will be inserted through tiny incisions along lip borders and then inflated with salt water, resulting in v smooth but bigger lips.

The obvious questions in all this is why does cold affect old people so much of the time, especially their hands and feet? Well, the most obvious answer? Because they are old. There can be other things that come into play, too, but first and foremost, it is because we are old. So, what is happening? Old age. Wait, I already said that.

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When a woman experiences the hot flashes of meno-pause, it is actually an issue of thermoregulation. So is feeling cold just a few short years later. Our bodies change with age. Our hair thins. Faces and guts sag. Even our skin gets thinner.

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