How can I get a dewy, fresh look to my face without looking too shiny? Use a richer moisturizer and skip face powder. Or use a creamy founda- tion formula that is not oil-free. (Note: If your skin is oily, this is not going to look good you’ll end up looking greasy.)


I also thought he was stupid to the point of being backward; he just did not seem to understand what was going on in any of the lessons, asking the most pointless and ridiculous questions, and never knowing the answer to anything he was asked. In the early weeks I found him to be clownish and oafish; a simpleton who gibbered around the room doing monkey impressions or telling Beano-type jokes and shrieking with laughter as if he were a ten-year-old. Then one day I found out that he was laughing at us all, that he was having huge fun -he made himself have huge fun at our expense. The revelation made me feel diminished. It happened one evening when the two of us went out to the James Street Vaults pub to cash a cheque. The James Street Vaults – known as the Jamie – was a small pub next to the college, which cashed cheques for cadets as long as they bought a drink. It was a neat idea that worked well and made sure the place was full every evening. We had several drinks on the proceeds of my cheque; I was becoming mildly drunk on Worthington E. 48 Jimmy was capering around as usual, squatting on a barstool and bouncing up and down making chimp noises, bumping into people and being generally irritating. We drank beer and smoked for a while, silently.

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