When an attack of the munchies hits you, a small handful of sunflower seeds is much better for you than a bar of chocolate. Rich in natural compounds that lower cholesterol, seeds are also full of vitamins and minerals that are good for healthy hair and skin.


The body needs fuel every few hours to keep blood sugar levels stable, stimulate the metabolism and keep mood swings steady. Avoid eating large rich meals for extra energy because the body has to work hard to digest it, and you will feel tired.


Not only can you no longer make out the page numbers, you can’t even make out any words. And eventually, someone else notices and finds it necessary to bring it to your attention. Honey, my wife says, how can you see with that newbeauty spaper up against your nose? I think it is time we took you to the eye doctor. Nonsense. I can see just fine. What I didn’t tell her was that in order to see the print, I have to hold the paper at arms length, or that, really, what I was doing was napping behind the newbeauty spaper. In all of this, though, there is a natural inclination to wonder if publishers have reduced the size of the font from ten points to six points. Smaller font translates into fewer pages. That makes sense given the increasing cost of newsprint and shrinking newbeauty spaper profits and perhaps that the CEO is are GenX’rs and can still see just fine, thank you very much. Our one consolation: they are next in line.

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