Health-Food Stores: A great place to find excellent creams (I often find much nicer creams at prices equivalent to those at drugstores). But because these products have fewer preservatives (that’s part of the reason I like them), be especially careful to store them properly away from heat and sunlight. Also check the packaging date and purchase from the most recent shipments. Some manufacturers recommend storing unopened creams, lotions, and sunblocks in the refrigerator.

Art-Supply Stores: The place to find the most beautiful (albeit expensive) brushes.

TV Infomercials: I do not recommend buying makeup or skin-care products that you can’t see or try.


Fields school of relating to kids that belong to other people. For instance, Anyone who hates children and animals can’t be all bad. Or, I like children if they are properly cooked. do not hate me. Not having grandchildren, I am speaking in ignorance. But when and if the next generation comes along in our family, then my manner of speaking may likely also take a turn to the south. But do not count on it. As I see it, just as parents think they know better than their kids. Grandparents will think they still know more than their kids, even though they are adults and parents themselves.

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