The Makeup Marketplace We would all love to live in the perfect one-stop-shop world. The truth is, we don’t not for our clothing wardrobes, not for our makeup wardrobes, and unfortunately, probably not even for tonight’s family dinner. The most realistic approach is to surf among a variety of retail sectors, culling the best products and options from each.

Department-Store Makeup Counters: A great atmosphere to try new products, to match perfectly a foundation shade, to learn a new technique, or to smell the newest fragrance. What definitely to buy: foundation, concealer, and powder. What not necessarily to buy: trendy colors that you shouldn’t spend a lot on.

Makeup Artists’ Lines: Lots of professional makeup artists (including me) have launched their own lines, applying hands-on expertise to more advanced, and more modern product options than were previously available. Shop these lines for true yellow-toned foundations and powders, makeup brushes, beauty trends and news, compact-sized colors, and the most modern-looking packaging. Another plus are the young, usually well-trained makeup artists who work behind the counters. Drugstores/Convenience Stores: The place to purchase beauty staples like cotton pads, latex sponges, Q-tips, and eyelash curlers inexpensively. Color cosmetic products to buy: lipsticks, lip pencils, eye pencils. What not to buy here: foundation, concealer, or powder I feel you should be in an atmosphere where you can feel and touch these products so that you can find the perfect match with skin tone.


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