If you put something on your face and find it too intense, don’t panic and take it off. Dilute it instead. This can be accomplished with a brush, puff, sponge, or, for the very advanced, fingers. Below, some key techniques:

If face makeup looks too heavy, take it down with a damp sponge. Then set, using puff with face powder.

Note: A cotton ball could also be used, but it’s harder to control.

If foundation looks too pale or too pink upon application, a yellow shade of powder will correct the imbalance.

If foundation looks artificial or masklike, rub moisturizer onto the palms of your hands or dampen your hands with water and press them gently onto your face. This will dilute your foundation. You can also mist your face with an atomizer to dilute the color. Then blend your foundation carefully with sponge or fingers and set with face powder.

If your foundation looks uneven, smooth your face with a sponge.

If your concealer looks cakey, smooth it over with damp fingertips.

Too-strong powder can be brushed away with a fluffy powder brush.


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