From what I read in magazines and hear on television, Bobbi’s company has since become the quintessential American makeup line for perfectly simple and natural products that don’t force women to change their makeup constantly and isn’t based on instant obsolescence. She has given American women something that they need, and they have responded by loving it.
All of which is to say that Bobbi is a warm and caring woman before all else before all of her success and celebrity. She is a loving wife, a nurturing mother, and a considerate friend. While I am proud of her success in business, it pales beside my pride in her as a kind and giving human being.
There is a bottom line to her beliefs: You cannot create beauty. That is God’s domain. You can only enhance the beauty that emanates from within. If the body is healthy, the face will glow. Then, with makeup, it’s just the touch-up, the fill-in. Bobbi practices what she preaches. She works out constantly, eats healthful foods, and tries to make the rest of us do the same. I am probably the only grandfather in America who has never taken his grandsons out for a hamburger.
Bobbi constantly demonstrates to those she comes into contact with that she will not trade her humanity for fame and fortune. She knows she can have both and keeps both sides of her life in proper perspective. It’s a wonderful thing to be her father. Bobbi has given me pride and she has given me Steven, my son-in-law, and Dakota and Dylan, my grandsons.
There is something known as the American Dream the concept that anyone can rise from humble, obscure beginnings by his or her own powers and attain incredible heights. That is the story of Bobbi Brown (her real and original name, I assure you), whom I dearly love and hope will live happily ever after.



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