Natural Vitiligo Treatment System

Oral Psoralen Photochemotherapy [Oral PUVA]
Oral PUVA is recommended for patients who have more than twenty percent of their bodies covered by depigmented Vitiligo. It is recommended that one takes an oral dosage of psoralen around two hours before exposure to UVA light. The exposed skin then turns pink and subsequently begins to heal. For the desired effect, it is advisable that one visits the doctor at least two to three times in a week, in intervals of a day. You may also use natural sunlight if you lack a physician with the required and appropriate equipment. However, consultations are essential as is necessary to consult your doctor during this process. Let him or her determine how much sun exposure is required and monitor your skin throughout this period.

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Side effects and short-term effects associated with this type of therapy include over-darkening of the skin, abnormal hair growth, itching, nausea, vomiting, and sunburn. In the long run, due to increased exposure to UVA radiation, you increase your risks of developing skin cancer. Hence, this treatment is not recommended for children younger than ten years, as it can destroy or damage their eyes and increases their chances of developing cataracts.
However, by avoiding sunlight for around one to two days, you can reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

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