Feelings of nausea can arise from a variety of different causes including motion or travel sickness, a viral infection, digestive problems, pregnancy or emotional anxiety or tension. Lavender is indicated specifically for sickness due to ‘nerves’ or an emotional upset, especially if the upset is accompanied by digestive symptoms.

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Inhale lavender directly from a tissue, or vaporize in the room.

For nausea with indigestion, gently massage the solar plexus/ abdomen in a clockwise direction using 3 drops of lavender in 1 tsp carrier oil.

Other oils: chamomile may be used in a similar way to lavender; peppermint is indicated for travel sickness.Destination beauty spas are likely possibilities for people who have their own objectives for their stay, such as makeup issues or mental and emotional restoration, and want to be among like-minded people during their stay. On the other hand, hotel and resort beauty spas frequently offer family packages and amenities, and some even offer kids’ camps to occupy children while parents relax. Resort beauty spas normally offer a wide range of activities for adults as well as children in addition to their beauty spa services. There are also likely to be many more choices for dining and entertainment than there might be at a destination beauty spa, where the environment and activities are totally oriented around beauty spa lifestyle, a particular type of cuisine prevails, and there is little for guests with other interests to do. However, if you choose a hotel or resort, be sure you are clear about how big a part of the facilities the beauty spa occupies. Some hotels and resorts claim to have a beauty spa when, in fact, it is no more than a treatment room that is part of a gym or exercise facility in the hotel, and may be minimally staffed and not particularly designed as you would expect a beauty spa to be. Some research on how the facility itself thinks of what a beauty spa is makes sense, particularly if you have chosen a hotel or resort because you want to make use of beauty spa services and activities. The range of possibilities is vast, and the more you learn about all of the available options, the more choices you will likely have to make about the beauty spa experience for you. Day Spas Day beauty spas are a relatively recent phenomenon in comparison with other types of beauty spas.

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