Neck Esthetic

Neck Esthetic

Why do not I go to an aesthetic surgery? I must say why not. If you want to go to an aesthetic surgery and make a neck, you have a sense that you can not do this job directly. There are elephant necks. There are necks that have become roads, necks that have begun to turn into roads. Skinny necks and fat necks, loose necks, smooth necks, ring necks, wrinkled necks, wire-necked neckties, hanging necks, puffy necks, spotted necks. There are incredible combinations of the necks mentioned above. According to the dermatologist, the neck begins to deform at the age of forty years old, and that is it. You can make facial makeup, you can apply a covering cream under your eyes, paint your hair, make your wrinkles and wrinkles collagen, 2 botox3, restay len4, but there is no heist that you can do without surgery. We are hundreds of lies, but our necks are real. You’d have to cut open to see the age of an ottoman, but if you had a neck, you would not have to.

It started after my forty-three-year-old adventure came to my neck. I had a surgery that left a bad scar on my entire collarbone. I was shocked. I learned with an unpleasant experience that the surgeon does not mean that he is well known to be a famous person. If you are reading this article, you will not learn anything, dear sir, please learn: Do not have surgery in any part of your body without an aesthetic surgeon asking you to take care of it. Because if you really or probably are being operated on something serious and you really think that your health is more important than your outlook; knowing that you do not have cancer when you stay in your room in the hospital and have a joy that you can not imagine; still alive and this
elimination method.

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My experience shows: “I do not understand what you are talking about” is actually a code sentence to say, “I understand very well what you are saying, but you are mistaken if you think I will take care of this topic.” It is dangerous to infect such subjects. We all know that. Because if I said “I understand very well what you mean,” my friend may go and make his eyes, for example, and fail. As we read in the magazine news, he can open his aesthetic surrah compensation case because he can not close his eyes anymore. Moreover, at this point, the whole crime will be mine. A friend of mine, in 1976, for not forgave myself for having said to take the perfect apartment block in East Seventy-fifth Street, I am very sensitive to the fact that this whole blame is on my side.

Sometimes when I go out to lunch with my girlfriend, I bring the sentence up here and I catch it, I mean with my girlfriends. We are no longer a girl and we have not been a girl for the last forty years. Anyway, sometimes I take it out for lunch and when I look around at the table, I realize we’re all wearing sweatpants in turtlenecks. Sometimes, instead of a fishing collar, we all wear scarves, as in Katherine Hepburn’s Golden Bull. Sometimes we all wear high-necked blouses, like the white race version of Joy Luck Club. This is both funny and sad, because we are not at all obsessed with age; we do not lie about age, we do not dress in style that is not appropriate for his age. We all look very young compared to our age. Except our boots!

Oh those necks! There are chicken necks. Hindi BoAmy Tan is a novel about a Chinese woman living in the United States, also translated into cinema in 1993.

My neck breaks morale

My neck is breaking my morale. Truly. If you see your neck, your morale has disappeared, but perhaps you did not show your kindness. If you have told me something about this topic, you have a polite answer, such as “I can not stand the necking”, no doubt “I do not understand what you are talking about”. Of course you would be lying, but I forgive you. I always say such lies; most of all, what I think of small pouches beneath their eyes, what they say about their neck hanging down or their belly lubrication, their eyes made, their facial rejuvenation, botox or lipo

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