Why You Need To Switch To Organic Skincare

Many women (and men) have wondered why they have to make the switch to natural products for their skin. This is a valid query because of the thousands of skincare products on the market promising to do wonders for your skin.

Organic skincare products are better because the things you put on your skin will eventually penetrate beneath the surface into your body. The healing power of homemade natural skincare products that contain herbs or essential oils have been proven by research. Your body understands how to work with these ingredients because they are directly from nature. On the other hand, when you apply manmade products with chemicals and synthetic addictives, your body starts to develop irritations, sensitivities and other problems.

This blog is a compilation of homemade products that will enable you to enjoy the benefits of truly organic and natural skincare.

Research shows that a woman is likely to apply over 200 chemicals to her skin in the course of an ordinary day and 60% or more of these chemicals can penetrate into the bloodstream. It is therefore vital to be sure that you are using products that cannot harm you.

Using natural skincare is important if you want to safely improve the condition of your skin and maintain a fresh and youthful look. Organic ingredients are usually grown without the usage of artificial fertilizers and pesticides and the growing process is also kinder to the environment.

If you take time to read the list of ingredients on the skincare products you have been using, you will discover many chemicals with complicated long names. Several of these chemicals have negative effects on your skin and even your health. Fortunately, you have alternatives in natural products that you can make in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the advantages of homemade organic products:

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