Negativism for child

Negativism for child 7

As discussed earlier you may find yourself knee-deep in negativism from the middle of the second year with your child saying no’ to almost everything. It’s natural for her to object to having to do as she’s told all the time, especially when she’s trying so hard to develop a picture of herself as a person in her own right. If you win all the arguments she could form an image of herself as a failure and give up trying to succeed in anything. Or she may become aggressive towards others; or become difficult over food, or withhold her stools as a way of asserting herself. Letting her win every battle, however, will give her a false idea of what life is like, and her place in it, and she’ll come down with a bump when she comes up against the real thing later on.

So when you really feel a definite no’ is required stick with it and carry it through. As she becomes more sure of who she is, your child will not need to put it to the test so often and she will become easier to live with.

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