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Strong album that would benefit from more pace changes

WAYFARER, the newest release from Nell Bryden was released on July 28. The release includes two CDs, the second holding acoustic versions of the first disc’s tracks. The acoustic album is a lot better than the full production release with many more dimensions, whereas the first CD is continuously upbeat and has a dance like feel which gets a little repetitive and boring.

Perfect For Me for instance is really well done on the acoustic album with just the acoustic guitar accompaniment and Bryden’s vocals. The stripped back production allows a real focus on the vocals which do not disappoint. There is a completely different feel on thefull production of the track. A lot more upbeat again, there is an almost reggae feel to the production which sits as a surprisingly good accompaniment to Bryden’s vocals.

Title track Wayfarer starts the album off with a high tempo, high energy number with the main instrumental lead coming from the percussion and also the electric guitar at points. Lyrics such as ‘not everyone who wanders is lost’and ‘feet don’t fail me now’ develop into a good lyrical story throughout, however the production feels a little overpowering, with far too much going on and Bryden’s vocals seeming strained at points. Kasey Stone

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