Walked into a room and got chilled to the bone? The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat can rectify that. While its FarSight software automatically changes the temperature based on movement in the room, its Furnace Heads-Up uses an advanced diagnostic method to notify users about possible problems with the heating system. It also comes equipped with NestCam which begins auto recording depending on whether you are home or away as an added security feature. Website:

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Drink was their release and their safety valve; it was what they did between the horror and the fear and the numbing boredom of waiting for both. To the other armed forces, my father was a ‘toff a ‘Brylcreem boy’ a ‘sky-blue-khaki-boy’. The RAF were loved and hated and envied and pitied by the men on the ground. They didn’t have the drudge and slog of the Army; they had high-speed terror and a quick, loud death if they were too slow as they blew up and crashed to earth. They had a low survival chance. They were all young men; they knew that lots of them would die, lots of them. They climbed into their planes with their leather helmets and goggles and scarves and they grinned and waved and flew off to die. They all wanted a quick death; nobody wanted to burn. And in between they drank and partied and acted outrageously because they believed they would all die soon and so they deserved to sing and drink and be foolish. People tutted and frowned, but everyone agreed that was what they should do.

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