Buffy Ford Stewa rt – Little Road And A Stone To Roll: Little Road And A Stone To Roll is a beautiful track taken from Buffy Ford Stewart’s new EP, ANGEL RAIN and written by her late husband, John Stewart. For the new collection Buffy returns with her unique brand of elegant and optimistic Americana with five ethereal new tracks.

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Expatriot:

Expatriot is the title track from the new album by Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, produced by Ethan Johns, recorded live at his home studio. The song is an abridged version of a longer poem of the same name written by Trevor Moss, a lyrical torrent of consciousness painting a pallet knife picture of our nation as it stands precariously on the brink of self-anhiliation. storytelling songs by Scottish band Ashton Lane, most of which were co-written between the band and their fans. Vocalist Esther O’Connor explains: We reached out to our supporters to 10. share their stories with us – the result is NASHVILLE HEART featuring lyrics that we would otherwise have never written – we are grateful to our fans for helping us create something very special. www. 9. The Southern Companion – Crash: 1000 DAYS OF RAIN is the second album from The Southern Companion and finds them now firmly established in their own take on the Americana/alt country genre, a mid-Atlantic sonic whirlpool where the 11. UK & US currents meet. Crash is the fiery album opener, an uptempo ‘brush train’ backbeat, hooky guitars, catchy melody and an infectious fiddle line make for a joyous sounding track, perfectly juxtaposed by the heartbroken cautionary lyric. Dove & Boweevil Band – Firework: Dove & Boweevil started life as a duo with their successful acoustic album GETTING SOMEWHERE in 2011, forming a band shortly afterwards. Influenced by roots music, they released the eagerly awaited THIS LIFE album earlier this year. Firework, about a failed Boweevil date, is a country rocker, part inspired by the music of the mid 70s Tulsa musicians and also the more contemporary Dixie Dregs. John Francis – Sometimes: After an 8 year wait, John Francis, is returning to the studio once again. Sometimes is his latest single release on vinyl and Francis has plans for a longer release coming soon.

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