The New Eyebrow Trend For 2019

No, we’re not talking about Maccy D’s, instead we’re trying the latest brow trend…

Of all the weird and wonderful viral trends, gold brows are the one we reckon we could actually pull off. Optimistic?

The New Eyebrow Trend For 2019 Photo Gallery

Maybe. But we reckon it CAN be done without looking like an extra from Star Trek.

The key is to make sure you keep the rest of your look super-subtle, you don’t want to go OTT. Go for a glitter that’s really fine so you can build up layers.

Take notes from Margot Robbie and opt for a soft highlighting effect, it will give the illusion of thicker arches.

Feeling brave? Choose the catwalk as your inspo and go for a full power brow. To amp it up, grab a pot of glitter, a spoolie and some clear brow gel… same as seen.

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