Quick-fix trinkets can update your look instantly provided you know what’s in fashion. A couple of strands of chunky beads will make an ordinary outfit more current if you get the details of size, shape and length right.

If you feel uncomfortable because of the size of your boobs, don’t draw attention to them by wearing a large necklace that nestles right in the centre of your cleavage or, worse still, gets caught around one breast and constantly needs unhooking and re-positioning.


Early on, I actually bought things to give away on Facebook! One giveaway I did was for a pair of Nike Free running shoes the same ones that Usain Bolt had worn to win Olympic gold. Once the winner was drawn, I asked their size and simply went and bought a pair in that size. It cost me a pair of shoes, but I had thousands of likes and many entries on that competition, which equalled new business for me. Once you’re on Facebook, make sure you utilise new tools. They’re always releasing new features, and if you make use of them, your posts will be bumped up the timeline because Facebook wants to see the stats of these new tools. I make sure I actually read the pop-ups that tell you about updates. So many people ignore them! This is how I found out about Facebook Live for instance, and when it first launched I was one of the first in New Zealand to utilise this fantastic tool. I use it now to present my regular Chick Chat series, where I interview interesting and inspiring New Zealand women. Having your business set up on Facebook is also a great way to connect and collaborate with likeminded businesses. I love it when I see new start-ups or young businesses support each other on social media, helping to drive new customers to each other is brands, and not viewing everything as a competition.

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