Women over a certain age should avoid wearing delicate chokers, as they will only draw attention to the neck area. Instead, choose a pendant necklace that forms a V-shape and draws the eye upwards.

Many chainstores have a great selection of funky and affordable jewellery that can instantly update a look, add a splash of colour and provide a youthful, contemporary touch to an otherwise classic outfit.

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I went to a business broker when it came time to sell, and he helped me understand how much Motivate Me was worth; it was a bit more complicated as it was a unique concept, being a social media-driven business. For instance, I had forty-five private Facebook groups, three public Facebook pages, a makeupy email database, a team of volunteer regional managers, Motivate Me and M Fit stock, a custom-built website and CRM (customer relationship management), and a popular and well-known brand across the makeup and wellness industry, which all had to be valued. There were a lot of engaged people, proven revenue and profit with the potential to achieve significant growth for the right buyers. USING SOCIAL MEDIA AS A BUSINESS TOOL If you’re launching a business, social media is a great place to begin to get a following for you, your brand and your idea. My business is very reliant on social media, and Facebook in particular at the time of writing, I have more than 130,000 followers on my public Makaia Carr page. Next to my email database, Facebook is the main form of communication for my company, so my followers are crucial. As part of the sale agreement when I sold Motivate Me, I changed the name of the Facebook page to my own name and kept the page and my loyal followers. I knew just how important that platform was there was no way I was going to give it up! In fact, my number one tip for business is to get on Facebook. It is that simple. If you do not, you’re missing out on a free and extremely effective marketing tool.

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