If your own colour now contains more than 50% white, you should avoid henna treatments, as they will appear very bright orange.


Some of my favourites are: Happy Mum Happy Child (Maria Foy); Julia and Libby; The Yoga Connection (Jane Lowe); Leah Light; The Style Insider (Leonie Barlow); Anna Reeve (and her twin boys, aka The Nuggets); The Best Nest (Melissa Jack); How to Dad (Jordan Watson); Shanxoxo; Clean Eatz NZ (Millie Elder-Holmes) and Simone is Journey to Health. THE ROLE OF THE ‘SOCIAL INFLUENCER’ Part of my job these days is working as a ‘social influencer’. Social influencing has only existed for as long as social media has been around, and the concept is still pretty new to New Zealand. It is a funny old thing and many people are bemused about exactly what a social influencer does. My grandparents’ generation would be completely baffled, though in a way it is just an extension of the celebrity advertising and marketing that has been around for many decades. Not all promotional posts I do are paid for; I also love helping small business start-ups looking for a leg-up new ventures that just need that bit of exposure to get a really awesome product they have developed out there. The difference someone with a large following or highly engaged platform can make to someone just starting out is huge and massively beneficial to kick-start a business or raise an individual is profile. Any product I post about or share with my audience, paid or unpaid, needs to be a great product that I am genuinely happy to use, put on my body, consume myself or feed to my family. When I first left my full-time employment to focus solely on Motivate Me and social influencing (scary times!), I was approached with a very lucrative contract that could not have come at a better time. A company offered me $25,000 to be an ambassador for their food brand for six months.

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