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Since vata is cold in nature it benefits from warmth and comfort. New haircuts women Make your own warming tonic drinks for cold windy days by combining ingredients from the vata eating plan. Be aware though that sugar weakens the immune system and vatas, with their tendency to stress (another immune suppressor), need to be particularly wary of sugary and refined foods, choosing naturally sweet-tasting foods, such as fruit, instead.

Vata people benefit from gentle, relaxing forms of exercise. Being the most easily exhausted of the various categories, they should be careful not to overdo things. Examples of suitable exercise include walking, yoga and slow swimming. In essence, it is not so much the form of exercise that you take, but rather the way in which you take it. With vata, the exercise routine should always be on the gentle side; with this in mind, vata types can undertake most sports and activities.

Yoga stretches will gradually and gently lengthen your muscles, and increase your flexibility. It has enormous all-round benefits. If you do not actively practise yoga as a form of exercise, you may well find that achieving a full or even half lotus for meditation is much too strenuous and difficult. If this is the case, do not try and force yourself. Instead, use a specifically designed meditation stool, or place some firm cushions on the floor beneath you. Push your bent knees on to the floor then tuck your feet in towards you on the floor, forming a solid triangular base with your legs.

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