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How long can Afro hair grow?

The biggest complaint about Afro hair is that it does not seem to grow long. That is the real experience of many women. But we only must look at the experience of women in cultures where hair is valued to know that is not true. In places and in communities where long hair among women in prized Afro hair falling well below the shoulders is just about average. African hair growth is simple in these communities and hardly any woman has short hair.

However, the ultimate length of your hair also depends on the natural life cycle of your hair and that is decided by the genes you inherit from your parents.

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Each strand of hair has a natural growth cycle. Each strand of hair will grow for between two to seven years depending on your genes before it reaches the end of its cycle. It will then go into a resting period that can last a few weeks or months before it falls out and is replaced by a new hair. On average Afro hair that is properly cared for grows five to six inches every year. Some people have hair that grows slowly, others have hair that grows faster and can touch even 12 inches of growth in a year.

The tight curls of afro hair make it look shorter than it is – even up to 50 per cent shorter (or more) when it is wet. Taking all this into consideration it is safe to say that Afro hair can reach an average length of about three feet or 36 inches (almost a meter) under perfect conditions although it will probably look closer to half that length where natural curls are left to do what they do. Each human head has about 100,000 hairs on it and at any given time about 90,000 of these hairs are growing while the others are either resting or in the process of falling off to be replaced.

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