New Hairstyles For Black Ladies

To manage and grow beautiful Afro hair you need a mindset and a hair routine that appreciates that looking afer Afro hair requires a little time, commitment, and a lot of creativity.

Key points to keep in mind for healthier Afro hair:

When caring for Afro hair make every effort to avoid any action that will disrupt or damage the cuticle of the hair.

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Avoid any action that would encourage the hair to tangle and knot.

The goal of any treatment of your hair should be to leave the outermost layer of each hair strand -the cuticle – lying flat so that it is as smooth and as satiny as is possible to the touch as possible and less likely to tangle when it comes in touch with another hair strand or any other surface. The trick usually is to gently handle the hair in the direction from roots to end, use products that leave the hair feeling smooth to touch and seal the hair with appropriate oils.

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