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Kapha individuals benefit from the warm and stimulating colours of the spectrum. New long haircuts Whenever you experience symptoms such as lethargy and sluggishness, which suggest excess kapha, or if you need to be particularly active, wear bright, invigorating, stimulating colours.You will quickly notice how effective they are, inspiring a change in your temperament.

Kapha Massage fairly vigorous and stimulating. talcum powder. 3 Use hip/groin massage to 4 Another major lymph gland assist lymphatic drainage. area is around the armpits. GEMS AND CRYSTALS

Lapis lazuli is a reliably suitable, highly useful crystal with which to reduce any excess levels of kapha. Known as the heavenly stone It will quickly help kapha individuals to increase their bodily vibrations, raising them from the level of the dense and slow to a much more refined and spiritual resonance. Lapis lazuli is a quite remarkable crystal, one that is well worth seeking out.

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