Professional hairdressers suggest that in order to keep hair as healthy as it can be, you choose only one chemical treatment at a time. For example, perming and colouring together will leave hair weak, chemically damaged and very brittle.


Brands soon began to recognise the need to pay for these services and now budgeting for social and digital marketing is the norm. If you are a business looking to work with an influencer then be sure to put some research hours into making sure you choose the right one for your brand. It is really important for brand credibility that you align with the right influencers and ambassadors. Follow their accounts (all of them) and note the type of brands they are already working with, their tone and the language they use to promote or review products. How tranbeauty sparent are they being with their following? Does their lifestyle align with your business morals and values? Do they seem genuine in the work that they do and loyal to their audience, and their audience to them? Spend some time getting to know their online persona and who they come across as to their audience. Don not be afraid to ask for audience insights from the influencer you are interested in working with. They should be able to provide you with data outlining the exact demographics of their following on both Facebook and Instagram: a breakdown of gender, age and location. This will help you identify if anyone has bought ‘bot’ or fake followers or if their audience is largely made up of international followers who could be of no interest to you or your business. Okay, so where do we start? Honestly, there are so many starting points that I have already wasted way too much time thinking about it. So, I figured, why not just go with liver spots.

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