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The Korean Beauty is very big in the Asian (and Western) market lately. And the French Beauty is slowly picking up the pace in the Western side. Is there a difference between Korean beauty and French beauty?

It is difficult tocompare Korean and French brands. However, during the course of my various trips to Korea, I have been struck by the number of store concepts that are so different and so innovative in the world of cosmetics. The emergence in recent years of rapidly expanding Korean brands demonstrates their capacity to respond to demand and to innovate. In France, thecosmetic industry has a long history and a strong tradition. There are many training programs in France that help sustain expertise in this area. Fashion and cosmetics are also important part of our culture.

B3 Cell Therapy has been around for a very long time.

And changes are always made in terms of formulations, packaging, etc. in order to keep abreast with the times. What can the beauty industry expect from B3 line in the future?

The B3 brand is twenty years old this year. Changes to the formulas in the last few years corresponded as much to changing consumer expectations as to regulatory amendments. What we want to do now is to establish the brand even more firmly in the area of antiaging cosmeceuticals. Very often brands offer a choice between treating a skin problem (mixed, oily, sensitive, etc.) or combatting skin aging (anti wrinkle treatments, etc.). The complex of extracts at the heart of the next B3 formulas will provide an answer to both these problems i n one product. This is the challenge taken on by the laboratory’s R&D teams for the launch of the third generation of B3 products that will take place at the start of 2017.

Non-invasive anti-aging procedure that create luminous skin in a natural way by gently and naturally smoothening the skin from the inside. It works by increasing the hydration within the skin to provide lasting moisture and improve the skin’s surface.

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