The right makeup tools are as important in getting the look you want as the actual makeup itself. The applicators included with most makeup are simply not up to the job. Blush brushes are usually too small and too coarse to enable you to place the color where you want it on the cheek and to blend it well enough to look natural. Bad blush brushes are the reason so many women go around wearing unattractive stripes of blush across their faces. Similarly, the sponge applicators that come with many eye shadow kits are difficult to hold and, for me, impossible to control. Nonetheless, tools are probably the most overlooked and underrated aspect of the process for most women.
Many women balk at the idea of buying separate tools perhaps they feel that it’s an extravagance or an unnecessary expense. I cannot emphasize enough the value of good makeup tools. Proper tools can make applying makeup much easier and faster. You will have greater control of your makeup and will be able to achieve a more natural and long-lasting look. I guarantee that good tools will make you much happier with the entire process. And remember, when properly cared for, good brushes can last years.
If the idea of makeup brushes is daunting to you, try buying only the four absolute essentials: concealer brush, shadow brush, eyeliner brush, and blush brush. (If you tend to wear bright or dark lip colors, you should also have a lip brush.) Then, using masking tape and a permanent marker, identify each of them. That way you will not get confused or frustrated in the mad rush to get yourself together in the morning.
How to know if a brush is good quality? Brushes should be soft and full and should feel comfortable in your hand. Run your hand through the bristles. It’s a bad sign if they come out readily.
Makeup brushes are sold wherever makeup is sold department stores, drugstores, and cosmetic-supply stores. Makeup artists’ makeup lines often have good brushes. Brushes sold at art-supply stores are usually of the highest quality and are often sold at reasonable prices.


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