Is there any new music that you would recommend to readers?

Cara Beard: She’s a 17 year singer-songwriter from my local area. In fact she sang on my first demo of Hold Me Close last summer. A blossoming writer with a beautiful voice and I think over the next few years you’ll be seeing more and more of this young lady

Hemifran’s new release is the 50th anniversary tribute album to the term ‘singer-songwriter’ in general, and to the classic Elektra album SINGER SONGWRITER PROJECT in particular, called HIDDEN TREASURES – SINGER SONGWRITERS FROM HOME, but this time featuring four other highly acclaimed US artists; Bob Cheevers, Greg Copeland, Keith Miles and Barry Ollman.

Is there any new music that you would recommend to readers? Photo Gallery

One day we were both at a touch rugby game that is where we all hung out in those days and he asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. I was so naïve, I didn not realise he meant with him, and asked him who with! I would assumed he would been put up to it by a mate. Rural New Zealand doesn not really have a dating culture, it was always more about hooking up at a party, but Jason has always been a little bit different more traditional and a gentleman even as a teenager. So, we went out to a Chinese restaurant, and afterwards he asked if I would be his girlfriend. As I was walking back to my Dad is where I was staying that night, a car pulled over. It was a guy from school who I knew liked me, and he asked me if I wanted to go to a party with him. I like to tease Jason that if he hadn not asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend that night, he may have missed out! I guess I was fairly popular at school, and was expected to end up with one of the rugby players or the surfers. Jason and I were considered an unusual couple, and we kind of liked that. However, I was still really busy helping mum with growing girls and all their issues, working a couple of jobs and trying to pass School C so as the only way to see me, he began hanging around our house, helping me with the kids and helping mum with things where he could. I remember the first time I met Jason is mum, Hilary.

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