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Faster Cun, a stand-out song on the album, was the result of one of those studio days. Pure fun to listen – you really can’t help but groove to it. My new short haircut “Philip and I wrote that with a couple of friends of ours, Jeremy Spilman and Ryan Tyndell… [We] were down in basement kind of the dungeon of the studio, just hanging out and having a great time and just being creative with no boundaries. At the same time the girls were upstairs with Jay and another friend of ours Jedd Hughes and they were writing Silver And Cold. Which are complete opposites ends of the spectrum! I thought that was just so cool that that was happening at the same time and both of them made the record. Faster Cun is dark, sexy and soulful and to Jimmy “it’s really a different thing that we’ve done and it’s one of my favourites and I do love playing it live.’

Silver And Gold on the other hand is a My new short haircut “beautiful moment and a beautiful lyric.” ‘It’s so poetic and the acoustic sound of that and the solo and just the sound of the track and we used our voices in that song almost as instruments as well in the background. I don’t know if people perceive that but I just love it….it takes you out on this happy, beautiful note.’

We’re a melting pot of influences and that’s what feels natural…

When asked if he could possibly pick any favourite new songs, Jimi admits that at the at moment he’d have to pick two: Tumble And Fall and Girl Crush. ‘I just love (Tumble And Fall].

I think it represents what we do: The layers of vocals and the weaving of the guys and the girls voices in and out of each other. I love the lyrics … My new short haircut relationships aren’t always easy and they’re struggles but if you keep working at it then you can be the best of them all. I love that line of the song … Girl Crush is an absolutely incredible lyric, and a lyric I’ve never heard before. It’s a take on a phrase you know but that takes it in a different direction and it’s a little bit unexpected. I think that’s a brilliant song. Our friends Liz Rose, Lori McKenna and Hillary

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