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Hi, everyone! It’s your girl Jenn and today is such an exciting day for me because my clothing line Eggie officially drops today. Like, even saying that out loud is so surreal.

I have been working on this for such a long time, since the end of last year. So I’ve been keeping my lips sealed since then and now I get to just, you know, break the news! Eggie is baby in Korean and growing up, I was always the Eggie in the family and now this clothing line is Eggie of my own. This is a full blown 27 piece collection. There’s a lot to go through. And I thought for this first post, I would just, you know, break down each piece, explain where I got the inspiration, and showcase the items to you guys in a good old-fashioned haul. There’s a lot of items in this collection, so let’s get crackin’! So I’m gonna start off with the tops first. Here I have this white ribbed T-shirt. This is called the Fuzzy Baby T. And I think it’s a really great, easy everyday top and it has Eggie in Korean on the corner, and I thought it’d be really interesting to make it 3D and fuzzy so it just has like a quirky texture to it. I went for a mock neck just to make it stand out from the rest of the graphic Ts on the market. Moving onto the next top, here I have my Try Again Cropped T. This comes in three colors: this blush, yellow, and then black. But then I forgot to post black. When I was showing this in New York at my press preview, a lot of people were asking me like what this meant. It’s just try again but all jumbled up so it implies the viewer to try again to decipher it. White tops have always been such a staple in my wardrobe so that’s why it was really important for me to sprinkle a couple in my line.

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This is my Ruff Haus Blouse and I absolutely love it. It’s this really flowy looking number. It’s got kind of like an Edwardian theme to it with color and the ruffles and the sleeves as well. It’s got this lovely white polka dot pattern all around it and it just gives it a nice, beautiful, dainty feel. I also recommend wearing this with a nude bandeau or a nude camisole, just to keep you more covered. I’ve always loved items with little catchphrases on it, so that’s why I made the Now What Blouse. This is the perfect fitting white button down that’s a little sexy but put together. It also has the words now and what embroidered onto the lapel and I feel like this is saying that, you know, it’s applicable for a lot of situations and you could even like say What now? So they’re interchangeable. Over here, we’ve got the Eggie Hoodie. This is an incredibly oversized, slouchy, comfy hoodie and I just wanted to make sure that the sleeves were extra long because I thought it would be really cool for the proportion. On the sleeve, there’s also Eggie written on it with like an Old font. There’s also Eggie on the hood in Korean, so that way you can just kinda flash it to tell everyone who needs to be babied. I’ve got another top that is perfect for the fall. This is the Eggie Long Sleeve. I’m holding the orange one but it also comes in white. I love both color ways and it’s made in the softest material.

It’s just like a really cozy fabric and I could totally see myself wearing this as like my pajama shirt during the fall when it gets a little colder. This is also one of those shirts that you can sleep in and then, like, wake up and go out the next day in. Very comfortable and easy on the go. This next item is the item to layer with during the fall. This is my Mesh Bodysuit. I love pairing this with just little baby doll Ts that are fitted, because it creates a really cool 90s effortless look. I could also imagine myself layering this over like a fitted turtleneck or even off the shoulder tops. This is just a really fun piece to experiment with. Sweater weather is quickly approaching, so I wanted to have just the nice, snuggly jumper into my collection. This is in a beautiful lilac shade and it’s, like, so perfectly 90s. This is in, like, a beyond soft material. I swear, like once you put it on, you don’t want to take it off. And this is actually like a happy mistake because this was supposed to have like a fish cake print all over it but it didn’t embroider correctly so we decided to just X out the embroidery but keep the actual sweater. So now we are done with the tops and I want to talk about this skirt. I think red is such a power color for the fall and I wanted to make sure that I really utilized this fun color into this nice skirt. I really love this light, breezy material and I think that the grommets on the side and the lace detailing really make it unique.

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Now let’s move on to the jumpsuits and the matching sets. I want to talk about the one that I’m rocking right now. This is called the Dolores Jumpsuit and it comes in two prints. The first print I want to talk about is the Korean national flower print! Wanted to incorporate some of my Korean background into my collection. When I was going to Korean school, we sang this song called like (speaking in foreign language) and it’s basically just like praising our beautiful nation flower . And I thought it would just be the perfect print to put on this jumpsuit. This jumpsuit like literally fits like a glove and it’s got pockets and it hugs in all the right places and I absolutely love the back as well. This also comes in gingham, as you can see. And I guess this is incorporating more of like my American background. When I think of gingham, I think of picnics, and I named it Dolores because of Dolores Park in San Francisco. I had a lot of picnics back there and it just reminds me of good times. And I feel like this jumpsuit would be perfect to wear eating outdoors and enjoying food and friends. Next up, I’ve got the Eggie Tracksuit. This is in a nice beige color but it’s got a little kick to it because of the checkered striping on the sides and the armpit. I thought that the checkers went perfectly with the gingham print. Like, look, it’s literally the same thing.

But I don’t know, I just thought it would go really well together and tie in a nice theme. This is a perfect little outfit that you can wear at the airport or school or whenever you just want to blast through errands but stay comfy. So I love wearing matching sets and this one is extra special to me because it has my favorite fruit printed on them. This is the Korean melon and it’s called the (speaking in foreign language) and I ate these so much while growing up as a kid. My mom would cut these up after dinner and we’d eat them for dessert. And these are just absolutely delicious. If you’ve never tried a Korean melon, I highly recommend that you do. This is a really fashion forward piece and I love the pockets on the skirt. Those are a game changer for sure. And if you don’t like the melon print, it also comes in a striped version! This is identical to the melon set but it’s in a slightly different fabric. Like, it’s a little thicker so it’ll keep you kind of warmer, so if you live in a colder place, this will keep you maybe 5% warmer. Let’s chat about the Knotty Top and Wide Trousers set. I feel like this is perfect for the in between summer to fall transition phase because the top is still very appropriate for the summer. And for the bottoms, these are just a great fitting culotte. They’re such an amazing fit and you can rock these pants in a business setting. This also comes in black so it’s even easier to mix and match with items that are already in your closet.

Alright, everybody, let’s move on over to the outerwear pieces. This is my Tuxedo Blazer and I am just obsessed with the stripe print. It’s so bold and it coordinates really well with the Stripe Set that I showed earlier. I just love statement jackets and you’ll really be making a splash in this one. This also comes in a black color. And I find that these types of jackets are always my go to when I want to find a coat for the evening. So this next jacket is my favorite one, it’s the Truck Along patent jacket. This is in a really flashy material. It’s so sick and just so unique and it’s fun to wear. I wanted to make sure that it came in red and black, depending on everyone’s comfort level. I would say to try the black one if you’re just kind of dipping your toes into this material. This jacket adds so much personality to any look and all eyes will be on you when you’re rockin’ this. Next up in line, I have the Eggie Bomber. I love huge oversized bombers. This is basically supposed to be like a bomber that, like, your boyfriend’s letting you borrow. Or you stole.

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It’s got like a nice slouchy fit and it’s perfect and warm for those fall and winter days to come. I love cardigans that double as a blanket, so here I have my Cozy Cardigan. It’s so long, it’s like floor length, and you literally wrap around in it like a little burrito and you’re just so comfortable and cozy. You throw it over anything and it instantly elongates you. My last coat is a blazer. It’s called Gingham Thing. Obviously I wanted to keep the gingham and the checkered theme in my collection, so I thought we’d just bust out a blazer in this fun print. Throw it on over any casual look for a polished feel. And also this blazer is so well made. It’s lined, it’s got pockets, and it’s just everything you would want in a blazer. I can’t wait to style this in a future post. So we are at the last category now. We’re gonna be tackling the dresses. This is the Cheeki Slip and I have obviously named this dress after my dog. This is essentially a bodycon dress but with a twist and it’s perfect to wear on nights out where you just wanna dance and just have some fun. The next dress is called The Dalva and I actually named this after a bar that Ben and I used to go to.

It’s in the Mission and it’s just like a really romantic spot where you sip on cocktails and get to know someone really well. And this dress is just a really cool in between of just like casual and formal. It’s casual because of the material but formal because of the silhouette. My last dress is called the Shine Slip. This is just my version of the classic little black dress. The straps are adjustable and we tried to make them as thin as possible so we could make it even more delicate. And it also has these sexy cutouts on the side and the material has a nice soft sheen to it. Alright, guys, that is the end of this massive Eggie launch. I can’t believe that each and every one of these pieces are in my own line and I feel so proud and excited to share this all with you. Feel free to shop all the pieces online at and please follow out Instagram, @eggieshop. We will be posting exclusive content on there and it’ll give you just more ideas on how to style everything. Before I left, I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to even have a clothing line, because without you this would have never, ever happened. I have been on for seven years and I have been putting my everything into this blog and building this relationship with you guys. If I told my 18 year old self that I would have my own clothing line, I wouldn’t have believed it and I also would have been terrified because when I first started , I was so lost. I was really struggling when I first started this blog.

I got rejected to all my dream schools, I was going to community college, I was working in a smoothie shop, and I just felt like I was letting everyone down in my life. And was my little escape to showcase what I knew and what I felt good expressing, fashion and style. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve you guys. You guys are the best, those most loyal commentrs that I could ever wish for and I just appreciate you guys so much. You guys have given me this beautiful life and you guys inspired me to just work harder, bust my ass, and just try and produce like the best content and produce the best items that I possibly can for you guys. I will never stop thanking you because I’ll never forget you. Thank you for everything and I love you guys, you guys are all my Eggies. I also have to thank my Eggie team. Without them, this would have not been possible. This is not a job for just one person, so I am so thankful that I have a group of solid people behind my back. Thank you so much. (sighs) I feel like I’m accepting an award or something but this is literally one of the biggest milestones I’ve ever had in my entire life and I just wanna thank you guys so much for being a part of this journey. Thank you a million times. I’ll see you guys in the next line. Bye. (calm music).

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