With luck and good management the engorgement will have subsided and hormonal function will be stabilising. If not, continue with the above.

If breast feeding on demand, you will possibly be feeling the let down reflex described on p. 71. Emotional factors can inhibit the let down reflex and if you are in pain you may be too tense for it to function. Try to relax – the worst should be almost over ” and get medication for pain if necessary.


From now on your baby will be gaining mass properly, but it can take up to three weeks for her to regain her birth mass. Do not pay too much attention to reports that you have no milk if the staff have been test weighing your baby before and after a feed. If there are no medical reasons for your baby’s failure to gain, it may be because you have not fed often enough, or you have not had a chance to get the milk supply going because of inadequate rest or stimulation of the breasts. You will most likely be better off at home. As long as there is no other reason for staying, you should be allowed home now and should feed as frequently as you can. Even every one-and-a-half hours if necessary. You will soon build up your milk supply and your baby will gain mass. (See Practical aspects of breast feeding p. 83.)


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