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THANKS to his fancy footwork, Backstreet Boys crooner Nick Carter has been earning a whole new legion of fans as one of the top contestants on the current season of Dancing with the Stars. Now a Las Vegas realtor reveals that when she had a fling years ago with young Nick, it didn’t just take two to tango sometimes it took three, four or five!

Marissa Gonzalez was 22 and living in her native New Jersey when she spent three nights of passion with Nick, then just shy of his eighteenth birthday, in a NYC hotel room in 1997. But they were only alone one evening, she claims; the other two nights involved a number of her girlfriends and another member of the Backstreet Boys. Nick was insatiable and incredibly sexy, Marissa tells Star in an exclusive interview And he was the best kisser I’ve ever had in my whole life.


Marissa says she had never heard of the Backstreet Boys until she saw one of their videos on MTV in August 1997.

I thought Nick was cute, and as luck would have it, they were about to play in Manhattan, she recalls. Marissa and some girlfriends scored tickets to the show and worked their way toward the stage where she made an immediate impression on Nick by throwing my bra at his feet.

After the show, says Marissa, she and her friends followed the band back to their NYC hotel, and she managed to introduce herself to Nick in the lobby. While we talked, he was staring me up and down my legs, my skirt, making his way up my body with his eyes. It was a very sexy once-over. After he left the lobby, a bodyguard came over and told Marissa Nick wanted her to come back the next night and Marissa brought a friend!

I came back with my friend Lisa, left her in the lobby and was escorted up to Nick’s room alone, Marissa recalls. Nick was shirtless, and when we sat on the bed, he pulled me towards him. We kissed, then we made love. Afterward, she went out to buy more condoms, then returned to his room with her friend Lisa in tow, and we both made love to Nick. When she and Lisa were leaving to go home, Marissa tells Star, Nick pulled her aside and asked her to return the following night and to bring a new galpal. I came back with my gorgeous friend, Anna. While we were making love to Nick, he whispered to me, Marissa, this is perfect. It’s even better than last night!’  The band left town the following day but that wasn’t the end of Nick and Marissa’s naughty nights.


The Backstreet Boys returned to NYC the following month, and Nick and Marissa got in touch. This time, she says, he told her to come over with two girlfriends.

I arrived with Anna and a girl named Marie, Marissa tells Star. We all made love with Nick, and at one point, he asked Marie and I to make out, so we did. But it felt weird; she and I were friends, not lovers.

Three’s Not A Crowd

Nick, 35, and his wife of 19 months, fitness expert Lauren Kitt, announced during the Nov. 2 episode of DWTS that they’re expecting their first child together and that it will be a boy.

Fun For Two-Fifths

The Backstreet Boys in 1997 (left to right): Nick, A.J. McLean, Kevin Richardson (in front), Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough. Marissa says that at one point, A.J. joined in the sexual acrobatics between she, her girlfriends and Nick at a Manhattan hotel that year.

Later, claims Marissa, Nick’s bandmate A.J. McLean suddenly entered the room and acted surprised but he didn’t hesitate in jumping right in to join us!


At the end of the evening, Marissa recalls, Nick and A.J. told the girls to meet them the next day at a local McDonald’s but the singers never showed.

Listen, I’m not stupid, adds Marissa, now a 40-year-old married mom of one, who gained some reality TV stardom of her own when she appeared on the 2013 season of ABC’s Wife Swap.

I knew there would never be anything more, and in the end, I was fine with that. I don’t regret anything we did; I was no groupie, just a young girl on an adventure.

I haven’t followed Nick or his career at all since then; I haven’t even watched him on DWTS. But he seems to have found happiness L in his life, and * I wish him all the best. H

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