Nicola McLean

Glamour model and reality TV star Nicola McLean, 34, has had two boob jobs, going from a 34C to a 34G. She says: I’ve always loved the big-boobed look and went from a 34C to an E when I was 24. Initially,

I had my boobs boosted to help with my glamour model

work as I felt I had to compete with other bigger-breasted girls. But once I’d got used to them, I loved them. I felt so confident and sexy going out in clingy dresses and tops and showing them off. I decided to go up to a 34G aged 26 because I wanted them to be even bigger. I’m a fan of the Pamela Anderson look – I love big boobs and a tiny waist. When I’m on holiday in a bikini, people walk past me and most of them can’t help looking at me – it gives me a confidence boost. I think big boobs are 100 per cent a blessing.

I hate having big boobs, it attracts all the wrong kind of attention and makes me feel self-conscious. Fiona, via Facebook

Having small boobs makes me feel boyish and I always have to wear padded bras. I’d love to have a boob job. Naomi, via Facebook

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