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No trip to Majorca would be complete without sampling the cool music and even cooler vibe at the Nikki Beach Club, Magaluf. Oozing conspicuous consumptions of Champagne (more sprayed than swallowed), Nikki Beach is unashamedly hedonistic. Beautiful bodies, toned muscles and tiny designer costumes are all you need – and somewhere to keep your platinum credit card. Nikki Beach doesn’t come cheap, but the food is exquisite – go for a sushi gondola or a seafood salad – the king crab legs and lobster are to die for. Hang the cost and strike a pose! (

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Bar-girls were paid a pittance – if anything – for being in the bar and they made most of their money from commission on the drinks they were bought and any from tips they could get. Their drinks were small shots of coloured water, which cost the bar a few cents but cost the customer a few dollars. The uplift in money was split between the bar owner and the girl; the major part went to the bar owner. Some of the girls told us that only received a few cents for every drink that they were bought, but we usually took this to be an exaggeration: an attempt to extort a big tip by appealing to our sense of pity. In the Far East there were bars of this sort in most ports – the bigger the port the bigger the bar area. The Ermita district in Manila was probably the most renowned: a long, sprawling, noisy mess of streets, bar after bar after bar and a few restaurants dotted between them. If a bar was empty then the resident girls would hang out the door and coo and call to passers by. Wanchai in Hong Kong was another well-known bar area, although the growing sophistication of the colony was causing the Wanchai bar area to shrink when I went to When in Hong Kong, I preferred the Kowloon side, where there were fewer bars but they were more fun. All the big Japanese ports had bar districts too, but these were a mix that were also given over to local trade, with the sailors bars scattered in clumps among them. The same was true for Keelung and Kaoshung in Taiwan.

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