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Introduce summer-cool services: Give your salon an edge by introducing services which are soothing and cooling. Include products which have a cooling-effect like cucumber, tea-tree, aloe-vera, watermelon and more.

Like a watermelon facial that helps in soothing as well as brightening the skin, will surely tempt people to buy it. Similarly, for people with overworked and tanned set of feet, a tea-tree pedicure will attract. But for this, you will also have to make sure that all your services are being marketed well to catch the attention of our potential buyer. You may also give introductory discounts on these services to create more demand initially. Once this happens, clients will be bound to visit your salon despite Nina Dobrev the heat.

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Rain offers and discounts: People swear by fashion in India and don’t hesitate to splurge on it. For instance, these days hair colouring is in vogue, so offer the service at discounted prices or club it with some other offer. Same goes for men’s services, Nina Dobrev as salon owners, who have unisex salon business can definitely offer discounts on the latest haircuts and beard-styles to remain on the top of client-retaining game! Also, a little slash in pricing on your ‘needed’ services like de-tan facials and treatments, waxing and bleaches will slowly but steadily reap enormous returns.

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