Nina Dobrev’s Best Hairstyle Makeup, Skin-Care Tips

How do you care for your skin, and what products do you use? I use a lot of coconut-based products like cocoa butter after showers and light coconut oil on my face as moisturizer. I also always wear an SPF moisturizer—I’m using a Clinique one now—and Aztec Clay Face Mask once a week, when I have time!

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Have you ever worn hair color? I’ve actually never colored my hair be-fore—I’m too afraid of the damage! But nowadays, there are so many products that protect your hair…so I might give it a try.
What beauty advice can you share with our readers? Less is more! Try to enhance your natural beauty, not overpower it with makeup. And think about your skin and hair long-term rather than right now. You want to take care of it so it looks strong and healthy for years to come! I think natural beauty has been swept under the rug these past few years because there has been so much influence to get cosmetic surgery to enhance your features.
What do you enjoy doing during your downtime? I love going horseback riding. I have a 3-year-old horse that I’m training to jump, his name is Dublin. I also love to cook fancy meals and post photos of them. Going to the movies is also one of my favorite downtime activities.
What is the source of your inspiration? Making my parents proud is a huge inspiration for me. They have contributed so much time and energy to making my dreams a reality, and I want them to know that their sacrifices were worth it.
What do we have to look forward to from you next? Two projects I’m working on are young-adult comedies that are airing this fall. Netflix’s American Vandal is about vandalism that occurs at a high school. One person is singled out as the suspect, but he claims it wasn’t him—so Gabi, my character, and her two best friends, Peter and Sam, take it upon themselves to figure out who actually is the American Vandal by vetting and piecing together people’s stories. But as the trio get more involved in exposing some people’s stories, it causes tension in friendships, drama amongst social leaders and other plot twists that I can’t quite say yet! And the other series, Mr. Student Body President, is one of the funniest projects I’ve ever been involved with. It’s like a comedic House of Cards, but in a high school setting with adult humor. My character, Debra, is the queen bee of the school and is the ring leader of the cool kids. I cry-laughed pretty much every day we filmed.

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