No-Band Bubble Fishtail Hairstyles

Hey guys, I’m Abby from LA. And Brooklyn’s here with me today.Hey guys. And we’re gonna show you how to do the bubble fishtail. Some of your may know that we’ve already got one bubble fishtail tutorial. This will be our second, although they are not the same. We featured this hairstyle a couple weeks back on Instagram, and got a million requests for a tutorial, so here you go. And if you guys love this hairstyle, be sure to give this post a “thumbs up”. And also, if you never want to miss another hairstyle post, be sure to click “comment”. Also you guys, I did a collab with Studio C where I got to do some amazing work on Jeremy’s mustache. So, if you have not checked that out, be sure to click right here and we’ll put a link to the post. It’s awesome. Go check it out, it’s kind of funny. It is really funny.

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So, go check it out. Now, for this hairstyle I had Brooklyn straighten her hair just because I thought it would make this hairstyle a little more dynamic. But you can certainly do it with curly hair, too. I’m gonna go about an inch about her ears and just scoop the hair back, divide it in half, and begin a fishtail. Now, you guys know fishtailing is slow. So, I’m just gonna show you quickly. Take an outside edge, go over the top, take an outside edge, go over the top, ’til they’ve crossed places essentially. And keep repeating that step, Over and over. Now when you get down about this far, this is what I found as a trick. If you continue to fishtail all the way down and then try to tug the pieces out, it starts pulling and bunching all the hair up along the bottom, which is really weird looking.

So I only go down a couple inches, then I go back and I pull the pieces out that I want really popped. So that it’s not already tugging anything down below. So, I’m gonna go ahead and pop these. Then go over and switch sides and pop this side. And this is my first, like, bubbled little section. So, you can see that’s gonna be my first bubble. Now, I’m gonna just keep fishtailing again for another inch or so, couple inches. And get ready for my second bubble. When we get down about this far it’s time to do another bubble. We’re gonna go back and just pull out a few edge pieces like this. And they over-accentuate a little pop in the fishtail. Switch to the other side and do the same. We have a nice, really obvious pop factor. And then braid down some more. Now, I really want to overemphasis my pops. So I’m going to go back and I’m just gonna pull, pull, pull, just really pancake those pieces that we’ve pulled out and popped. And there you have it. Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here, and show us some love by clicking on the comment button. On your mark, get set, go!.

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