No Falsies Dramatic Makeup Tutorial

There are too many dramas in life And the drama in my life is getting married at young age But it can be interesting Today, I’m going to make a dramatic makeup look That make me to be brave to face the drama in my life Today I’m going to make a makeup look using all products from this box Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara is the main product for this makeup look And also, I’ll use the latest makeup products of Maybelline First of all, I’m gonna use Maybelline Fresh Matte BB Cushion, no. 2 It’s not too dry even though it’s matte So it’s suitable for all type of skin Just tap it on your face to have a good coverage and matte finish Alright, move on to the eye makeup I’m gonna use The Rock Nudes eyeshadow palette Take the silver shimmery and apply it on the whole eyelids as the basic color.

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Then, take the darkest color to apply it at the end of eyelids This will make a result of deeper eyes and more dimension of eyes This is the most important part which is dramatic lashes I won’t put on the fake lashes As I’m gonna show you the result of Maybelline Push Up Drama mascara I love this mascara as it really makes my lashes thick, up and it’s also waterproof You know that usually my lashes are not that noticable But hey!! See, this is the result It’s really different right? Then, I’m going to put fake lashes on the other eyes to make a comparison I know putting on the fake lashes is troublesome and eyes feel like heavy Some more, the glue is not that long lasting.

So, if you don’t want to make it complicated And this is the result of mascara that is almost the same with falsies I recommend to use Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara Because this can make the lashes thicker and up maximally I also didn’t expect that my lashes would look this thick and up I’ll use Maybelline Hyper Ink Eyeliner at the end of my eyes I only draw at the end of my eyes and make a wing liner shape To make it look more agey Now I’m gonna apply mascara on the lower lashes as well This is the result of dramatic eyelashes Now, I’m gonna take the white eyeshadow to highlight inner eye corner To make my eyes look more alive I’ll finish my makeup by applying the blush on my cheek, contouring and highlighting And for lips, I’m gonna use lip tint from Maybelline I really love this lip tint but I’ll give you the more detail reviews on my next post Dramatic Lashes is the key to have a dramatic makeup look And now I’m ready and confident to face my drama You also can join the makeitdramatic contest These are the rules I also collaborate with the other 3 postger friends As a woman, we have to support one another to face our own dramas in life Don’t forget to read their posts from these tag carts above Thank you so much for reading and see you next time.

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