No-Heat Plopping Curls Back-to-School Hairstyles

Hey guys, it’s Abby from LA and today, I’m going to show you a Back-to-School DIY method of how to achieve these no-heat curls using only a t shirt and a little bit of mousse. Now if you guys have loved our posts and love our blog, be sure to give us a thumbs up. Now we’re calling this tutorial the CGH Plopping Curls, because this technique is called plopping or plunking and I would assume it’s because you kind of plop your hair into the t shirt when you tie it up. So, check it out, you’re going to love it, let’s go. The first thing you want to do when you’re plopping or plunking your hair, is just pop a little mousse into your wet hair right out of the shower.

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Just put some in your palm and run it through your hair. I’ve already done that, so go ahead and flip your head upside down and give your hair a shake at the roots. This is just going to separate the curls and any natural curl that you do have, is going to come out at this point. I’m just going to brush everything forward, take the hair up, lay it on the t shirt. Let your hair just gently fall and we’re going to grab the edge of the t shirt, take it right to about our eyebrows and around to the back of our head and pinch it and then grab the other edge of the t shirt, right here. Flip it up and over. So, you make sure you have a sleeve on each side. I’m still going to hold that pinch for a second, and tip my head up and then grab those sleeves. You might have to tie it more than once, especially the first few times.

Then, I’m just going to pull this up so it’s not so far down on my forehead and tie it. Ta-da! Then you can tuck these, or these corners, if they’re driving you crazy, you can just tuck them in so they’re out of your way. Then, what you want is, see this pocket right here on the top, that’s my hair. There’s like that in there. That’s my hair all curled up on the top of my head and that’s what you’re looking for. So, now you’re good to either go to bed and sleep on it and this will actually stay in or to wait all day long if you’re doing this in the morning until your hair is dry in the evening. (fun perky music) The next morning when you wake up, or later that day, you simply undo the t shirt that you put in and shake the curls out, and you have curlage. Then, of course, like any normal curls, you just position them the way you want them to lay. If you need to, you can add a little dry shampoo. (sprays dry shampoo) If sleeping on your hair still left a titch oily at the top and position them according to where you want them. You can see just a very natural, very beachy vibe to the curls because we just let them air-dry. I hope these no-heat curls make your mornings even that much quicker. We will see you guys next Sunday, bye you guys. Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here, and show us some love by clicking on the comment button. On your mark, get set, go!.

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