No Holding Back! Pauly D Talks ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ Stint, and Ex-Girlfriend Aubrey O’Day

Do you want me to call you DJ Pauly D Pauly be Polly Polly D school Pauly D okay we’re like I don’t know Pauly Pauly D all right everything works I guess hey guys I’m Casey Madden, and I’m here what’s Pauly D hello nice to see you again me too. I’m very excited to hear about your experience on marriage boot camp nice I’m sure, it’s gonna be a rollercoaster of a season tell us a little bit about it how was it it was it was a bit dramatic. I couldn’t see that I think, it’s cool. Because you guys never get to see me in a relationship right this one just. So happens it didn’t work out. But you get to see why okay, and people can relate to that you know relationships don’t work out there rocky I picked the wrong one and. But we went on the bootcamp to try to work it out okay, and we have some professional therapists there doctor being dr. ish with an awesome they are like super legit and. So we get to talk to them, and see exactly what what we were doing wrong or vice versa. But too bad I was just I really should be to workout out of it you’re never ready for this this whole thing is crazy. So what do you think was the main point of contention in your relationship on why it didn’t work out her, and I we just we weren’t too compatible I mean I knew that early on she’s completely different like I’m Italian I’m very close to my family she’s the exact opposition had much family yeah, and there’s a lot of red flags early on okay. But I thought maybe I could see past them, and then. So we gave her this one last shot imagine who can. So how’s your relationship with her right now you guys speak. Yeah not much I’m cordial cools I don’t hate her I want her to succeed I want her to be happy I want everybody to win I’m out here dude living my career, and I want her to do the same yeah. So no reconciliation happening no no we should better off as friends. Yeah okay that’s a great way Ivy ously read the trailer on the first episode, and she said that you quote unquote tortured her. Yeah no one has ever tortured me like my mom did except for you. So uh I can’t let you get away without responding to that one. Yeah that was a bit much, and there just got to tell you how dramatic this woman actually is to say torture that’s a bit much. Yeah I’ve ever tortured anybody in my life. Yeah something like that just goes to show you her character, and you get to read in the show exactly what happened in that relationship right we’re gonna see it yeah. So do you have any regrets in your relationship with her you know I don’t think so. Because I take it as a lesson tota no loss just lessons I learned exactly what I do not want in a partner yeah, and that’s her okay that’s great. So now are you dating now single right now in looking single okay, and looking. Yeah what are you looking for in an ideal partner I’m like that old-school Italian type I’m still looking for those old-school family values like you gotta be tight with your family that’s important to me my mother’s like my best friend you know I’m a mama’s boy a bit too. So cute and. So I don’t know, it’s hard to find nowadays it is the old-school ways do you find that, it’s more difficult. Because you’re in the spotlight yes Barry, and I travel. So much I’m in a different state like every single day somebody have to get my lifestyle, and I’m not for everybody, and what else can we expect to see for me this year I know you’re touring all over the place what do we got in stock. So I’m currently auditorium in every state every single day. I have my residency in Las Vegas, and Atlantic City, and I locking down some more residences one in Boston maybe one of Miami Wow, and then I’m working on some music right now. I’m just trying to lock down some features I have a dope song right now I want to put out I’m just trying to lock down the write feature okay that’s awesome Wow you’re doing all things great we are. So happy for you congratulations, and everything I appreciate it, and thank you for stopping by thank you for having me guys if you want to learn more about Polly head on over to my blog calm you.

No Holding Back! Pauly D Talks ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ Stint, and Ex-Girlfriend Aubrey O’Day Photo Gallery

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