Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Combining state of the art technologies and our uniquely formulated gels and serums has resulted in our most affordable and effective micro-current machine to date.

Skeyndor Dermo Peel Pro

Aimed at clients aged over 25, the anti-ageing Dermo Peel Pro system includes two treatments, Timeless Peel anc Brightening Peel, plus a three-product homecare line. Both treatments begin with a gently abrasive gel designed to mechanically exfoliate the outermost layer of the stratum corneum, followed by Spray Pre Peel, a slightly acidic solution that prepares the skin for acid peeling. Next, the treatment peel is applied. For the Timeless treatment this is Timeless Acid Peel, an AHA solution that activates the natural breakdown of the inter-cellular bonds in the dermis. For the Brightening facial, this stage uses the Brightening Acid Peel solution of brightening acids and AHAs. In each treatment this is followed with Enzymatic Peel, an enzyme solution that helps break down excess keratin to reduce the thickness of the external layer of the skin.

The next stage is either Timeless Biological Peel, a biomimetic peptide solution that weakens inter-cellular unions in the internal layers of the epidermis, or Brightening Biological Peel, which contains peptides to stimulate the renovation of the epidermis in the deeper layers, softening pigmentation and brightening skin tone.

The final stage for both is Neutralising Post Peel Mask, which rebalances the skin’s PH and immediately soothes. Skeyndor recommends charging £75 per one-hour treatment. Call Essencia on 01277 631511

Taking cues from both art and science, this month’s treatment launches are beautifully designed to pack a powerful punch

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