Nose Correction With Makeup


Nose corrections are made with light and shadow.

WIDE NOSE: After the foundation is laid, shadows are made on the sides of the nose with three or four tone bosom and flat shadow brush of the foundation. These shadows are spread with a sponge, mixed on the side with foundation. If necessary, light is given on the nasal bone.

VERY LONG NOSE: The nose tip is distributed with a dark shadow.

Nose Correction With Makeup Photo Gallery

VERY SHORT NOSE: After the foundation is applied, light is given as a line from the beginning of the nose to the tip of the nose on the nasal bone.

NOSE NOSE: After the foundation is applied, lighting is applied from the middle of the nose to the tip. Carefully and distorted side is spread by shade.

NECKLACE: A foundation of skin foundation is spread by spreading a ton of darkness on the belt. High light is applied to the top and bottom of the belt to ensure equilibrium. The shadow and light made are melted in the foundation.

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