Nose for child

Nose for child

Unexplained drainage of foul-smelling pus from one or both nostrils may indicate that a foreign object like a pea or bead has been pushed up the nose. See a doctor.


1. Place the child in a sitting position leaning forward slightly, or let her lie down with her head raised.

2. Tell her to breathe through her mouth.

3. Pinch the nose closed for at least ten minutes.

You can hold a pad of cotton wool under her nostrils to catch the blood but do not push it up her nose as you will dislodge the clot every time the pad is changed.

Do not let her blow, sniff, pick at or touch her nose for a few hours after the bleeding has stopped.

Allow her to spit out any blood that collects in her mouth.

If you are unable to stop the bleeding within 40 minutes, see a doctor.

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