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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m here with Ann. Hey! Yay! From the blog AnnOrShine. Now we did a collab with Ann where I did a cute bun in her hair like two years ago. And she did Two years ago, yep. some fun DIY like bows and jewelry, Hair jewelry. But today we are going to make mix it up because we never get to do fun challenges on our post. Very fun and interesting. Yes. So we have decided to do the no hands makeup challenge. No hands, yep. Only to make it a little bit different, we are not going to be the faces. We are going to be the hands. And the faces are going to be tell them Ann. Shawn and Eric. Our husbands! So it’s extra fun that you can check out. On Ann’s blog we have the opposite. Yes. So over on Ann’s blog we have the faces and Shawn and Eric become the hands. Pretty scary. It is scary.

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You guys should definitely check it out. But very funny. We both cried, both posts, making them. Yes. We laughed so hard. We had to clean our makeup because of that. Make sure while you’re over there to check out Ann’s other amazing DIY posts because she’s fantastic at everything she does. Oh, thank you so much! You too. You guys are awesome. But let’s get started. Yes! So Eric, we used to do this at slumber parties a lot when I was a teenager. And I think it’s time that we initiate you in to showing you how to put on makeup. You know, actually, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube posts. Oh, have you? Yeah, yeah. And there’s been What’s your favorite? Oh, my favorite is this one makeup loves Ann [? Jorieas ?] Oh, oh, oh! I love her. Oh! That’s my favorite blog ever. The smoky eye with the flames on the bottom Yes. Yes. eyelid. That was awesome. That’s my favorite one. You know, secretly, Ann doesn’t know it, but I’ve been watching some of these posts. And I’m just so excited to try it. Oh, that’s so sweet. So let’s did into this. OK. I’m kind of getting the hang of like all these different brushes and stuff like that, and makeups. So I’m super excited to try this out. So how do you normally start with your looks? Well, I have flawed skin. OK. And so I have to use some foundation to kind of even things out. Flawed? What are you talking about? It’s flawless, like a baby’s bottom. Thank you, Eric. That’s why we’re friends. We’re going to put on a little bit about foundation. OK, so let me get some foundation here. Or a excuse me. Looks like a Q-tip. Oh, Q-tip. OK. So it’s important to write your name on your forehead with foundation. Well I’m going to try this liquid foundation because I saw Ann use it before. And it’s so nice and cooling. I just love massaging it in my forehead and in my cheeks and stuff like that. Yeah. Oh, it’s so nice. It’s like so relaxing. I feel like massaged here. Some people put this on their T zone and I like to put it on my S zone. It gives a little bit more of a curve to the content of your face.

Oh, like the letter S. Yeah, yeah. Got it. Now, you know, the Q-tip didn’t apply super easily. This nice, this massage. So I’m just going to take a little bit of this foundation right here and stick it on the outside of my hand. OK. And I’m going to kind of blend it in my hand a little bit. Oh, nice. Well let me try this blush on. And I’m going to kind fill the S in. So it’s going to be kind of like a G. A G? OK. Yeah, this my G zone. Well I’m going to try this coral blush out. And you know, I remember reading that this fall these jewel tones and these tones are going to be like incredible. They’re in. Oh, that’s so cool. Totally in. I totally believe that. Yeah. You’re doing a fantastic job on that blending over there. Thanks, it’s a technique my great grandmother taught me. So the next thing that I’m going to try you know, I’ve been looking at this pen looking thing. And I’m really not sure what it does, but I think it goes on my eyes. So let’s give it a shot. You know, I use a Sharpie usually. A Sharpie? Yeah. You know, I was actually introduced to this new makeup company called Crayola. Crayola? Yeah. I think it’s from the Crayola company, but it’s like it comes at a box of. So I. It’s so good. So I’m going to apply this gently, this blush. It’s kind of a rose. And just kind of grind it in a little bit low. Oh. And it smells like sawdust. So Oh, so it makes you still feel manly? So we can still feel manly. Got it. And it’s kind of the look we’re going for. Pink sawdust. I love that. Well, I’m going to put on my eyebrows over here. So I used this marker pen looking thing. And it’s making me tear up. So I apologize, guys. I’m sorry. Here, do you want me to wipe that tear for you? Sure, sure. Wipe that tear for me just a little bit right there. Just like that. There you go. It’s OK. Aw, thank you. I love bonding time as well. OK, so I’m going to kind of darken my eyebrows a little bit with this brush. Oh. My eyebrows slipped away in my sleep. Well I’m going to try this jewel tone. I mean it’s a beautiful fuchsia magenta color to fill in my lips here. And it’s supposed to like plump the lips up after you like I saw on that YouTube post that after you put it on, you kind of like rub your lips together like this. And then kind of like kiss your own lips or something. Oh, that sounds really cool. Yeah. And you can kind of see it’s like super full.

OK. So I’m going to put a little bit of eyeshadow on here. Oh. Very artfully done, very artfully done. While you’re doing that, I’m going to use this pencil to draw in my teeth. Because I heard one of the new trends is like grilling out. And like instead of gold, why not use brown? Brown? Yeah. Brown is the color. That’s totally the color. That’s awesome. So right now I’m going to line my lips. Because I’m trying to accent the shadowing, like when you do painting and stuff. You want to highlight and add shadows. You do. That’s why I need to shadow my bottom lip. Painting with Ross, he taught me how to do that. Oh, yes. The happy little tree. Oh, happy trees, happy trees. So I have a happy little highbrow right here. And I’m going to highlight my eyebrow. Oh, just incredible. Just a happy little eyebrow. Oh, wow. I’m going to choose this. This jewel tone is beautiful. You see this color? It’s like I’m going to look like a peacock. I think I’m going to for a peacock style. Oh, that is totally you. I love it. I saw this on this other blog. I love it. Aw, men. It was incredible. It’s called the peacock eye look. Nice. Yeah. And, you know So feathery and light. It is. And so for all of you out there that have been trying to do that smoky eye look, it’s totally outdated. You have to go for that peacock look. OK, I’m trying to do the smoky eye from that blog that we love so much. Oh, yes. And, you know, grays and earth tones. Yeah. Really pull it off. They really pull it off. Now how do you blend it in? So you just like you use your brush on your eyelid area? Yeah. On the eyelid and right close to the eyebrow. And sometimes down on the cheek. Oh, man. Oh, so they bring the color down. Yeah. Yeah, because you want it to have that earthy look. Oh, I see. When you look down, there’s earthy colors everywhere. Got it, got. Especially in the dirt. Yeah, in the dirt. In fact, it reminds me a lot like dirt. Yeah. It really does. Because, I mean, you really don’t want too much of the focus to be on the eyes, right? Although they say the eyes are like the windows to your soul, you kind of want to draw the attention to cheekbones. Yes. Right? Yes, exactly. You want to accentuate your natural beauty. Don’t cover it up. Right, right. That’s what I remember reading. So now I’m going to just like dab in all the makeup to make sure it’s properly blended in. Looks good.

OK, I’m going to put a little bit of lip liner on here. Oh that’s And That color is incredible! Such a kind of red. Make sure you get every crack and crevice of the lip. Yeah, that’s incredible. Especially this cupid’s bow at the top under the nose. Yes. You know? Yeah. Now how do you like accent, because you have some facial hair? How do you use a lipstick to further accent your facial hair so it makes it look hot? You don’t want to pull everybody’s attention to the facial hair. Oh, I see. You want to use that as the base of your look. Kind of like you have a shadow on your face. Yeah. A o’clock shadow. A o’clock shadow. Not a o’clock shadow, but a o’clock shadow. But you want to draw their attention to the center of your bottom face, which is your lips. Oh, I see. OK. Because I don’t have as much facial hair, I’m going to use this blush brush to add some additional color to my chin and my cheek. So I think I’m going to choose like a neutral tone to go along with the jewel tones. So this Chapstick is to kind of put a cover coat, top coat, onto the lip liner. Oh, to add an additional bit of gloss to it? Yes, and it was actually a camouflage lip gloss. So that when we go shopping nobody can see us. Nobody will see? That’s incredible. Can you see me? Beautiful. You know, I just want to shade in and blend in a little bit of this color on your eye. Oh, that’s beautiful. You’re such a friend. Wow, man, just like on that YouTube post. Did you put the flames under my eyes? Yeah, there’s black and brown flames. Black and brown, so charcoal. It’s a charcoal look. Almost like burnt out.

The burnt out look. The burnt out look. Yeah, incredible. It’s coming this fall. It is. Kim Kardashian’s going to have it. I think I’m almost about done. I think we’re about there. I just need to use something pointy to massage in my eyebrows to give it a little bit of extra volume. OK. Because I like having majestic eyebrows. Ann keeps reminding me about that. I think we’ve just about finished it. What do you think? I am so happy we did this today. I love the look. I love the look. Your eyes are radiating. So I mean, I think we should duplicate this look for YouTube, for all the folks out there. But also, we should also go to some big event. Like this, I think. Like a beauty con? Like a beauty con or something. Or a vid con. Or a vid con. Or A hair and DIY con? New York Fashion Week? Fashion week! Yes. New York Fashion Week! Yes. We’re going to do it. Yes. All right, guys. All right. Well thank you for watching. And we’ll see you next time. So I hope you guys enjoyed that post. I think it was really funny. Yeah, that was super fun. I think they looked fantastic. Beautiful. I think we should take them to dinner. We should. Right now. We should take them out. With the make up on. Do you think anyone would notice? I you know what? I think we might have some eyes rolling around. And we might have to protective of our men. I think so. Well you should definitely go check out the post on Ann’s blog where we reversed the situation and the boys get a little payback. back on us. And it was really interesting. Very interesting. Let’s just say blush was not pink or red any longer. Let’s just put that out there. We went for a whole different color scheme. We did and it was quite interesting. Yeah. So make sure you check it out. I’ll put a link right here so you can find her or a link in the description box below. And we will see all of you guys next Sunday. Bye guys! Bye! On the outside of your lips. Now on your lip, but on the outside. This way it will plump up your lip. And it you’re going to hold your eye down, do it gently. So you don’t stretch out any skin. OK, I gotta get this out. Woo. This is so typical. My eyelids are so typical. Woo. That was the best. Oh,. Oh, man. OK. We gotta get this out. We gotta be safe. That was awesome, dude. OK. All this is makeups making me tear up.

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