Not Your Average Bun – Back To School Updos 2

You’re all skill here. So we’re back with day two of our back-to-school updos I hope you guys like this one quite a b it’s a fun little bun that you can just throw in and go I had. So many requests for this hairstyle with the little braids and then the little button people wanted to know how to do that. So I thought this would be a good part of this series it is a little bit more labor intense than the other ones I’ll going to be showing in this series but because it was some requested and because it’s perfect for back-to-school I thought.

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I should go ahead and throw it in here. So I hope you guys like this I will see you guys tomorrow with another tutorial be sure to check yesterday’s if you missed it and I will see you guys tomorrow well first you’re gonna go ahead and place your ponytail basically you can put this ponytail wherever you want your bun to be. So I went ahead and place mine fairly high on the crown of my head then I’ll gonna take a rolled-up sock or a button maker of some kind and go ahead and pull your ponytail through that and arrange your hair around it as if it was going to go into a bun and then I went ahead and bobby pin my hair around it just to go ahead and stabilize it Thisn’t a final product thing by any means but it makes all these steps way easier now you’re basically just gonna braid and you can do as many or as few braids as you want to I did six just because I felt like that was a kind of happy medium between too many and not too many also my arms we’re getting a little sore.

So six sounded awesome after a while but basically all you’re gonna do is go ahead and braid a couple inches until there’s enough to kind of wrap around the sock and then go ahead and bobby pin it down where you want it to fall and do that around with as many braids as you want to. So you can see I started in the center and I’ll going around at angles and kind of placing them as I like and that’s basically all that goes into this um it helps if you braid it really tightly because it makes the braid show up more especially if your hair is a bit darker because it can kind of get lost in the style a little bit once you’ve got all your braids then you’re gonna take a small band and pull it around the sock. So the hair forms to it like a button and then you can go ahead and take all of your bobby pins out because they have served their purpose and they are all done. So then we just have this extra hair left over now if your hair is shorter than mine you can just kind of wrap it around the base of the bun and pin it into place and it will hide nicely but if you have long hair like mine you could try splitting it in half and braiding one side and then once that side is totally rated you can wrap it around the base which is what I did and then you can just pin it into place once you’ve wrapped it around and that’s a nice easy way to kind of incorporate the rest of your hair into the hairstyle without having to spend a lot of effort I did try wrapping my hair around it but my hair just it looked really funny because I have. So much hair left but if you have shorter hair.

I recommend don’t worry about braiding just kind of wrap your hair around and pin as you go and it will look really nice but you can kind of try whatever works for you and your hair leaks with this one but then you’re gonna go ahead and braid the other half wrap it around and pin it into place and you can see that I’ll pinning it along the bottom as well. So that I can keep it from bagging at all or sagging throughout the day because that’s not cute but that’s it there’s your little braided bun I think it’s kind of cool I like the little star effect with the braids and it’s kind of adds something to the bun and kind of dresses it up just a little bit. So I think that’s really fun I hope you guys try that out send me pictures if you do and here are the other posts in our series obviously I’ve only uploaded day one. So far but if you’re watching this you know in the future they are all up. So click on whichever one you want to see be sure to check back tomorrow for more and that’s it I’ll see you guys in my next post bye.

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