Hey guys. So for presently’s publish I’ve my November favorites. So humorous ample I’ve no regrets this month, and I consider it’s because of I was primarily sick for like two weeks out of November. So I don’t even have that many favorites to share with you guys. Nevertheless I do have just some that truly stick out to knit I have to share with you guys these two primers I’ve talked about them sooner than now we’ve the Fenty tender matte, and the hooter pre make-up base. So I actually love every of these, and I’ve really been using them quite quite a bit this month I’ve been putting this a Fenty one on the t-zone, after which the hooda one in all places within the hooter one is simply not harmful inside the t-zone it’s primarily merely not my favorite for the nostril. Nevertheless all over the place else I actually like this you guys it merely really helps my foundation stick with my face, and it gives you a really good healthful finish I merely really favored this primer I’ve not been able to dwell with out it this month like every time I’ve executed my make-up I’ve been putting this on, and the fenty one I merely uncover it. So clear, and its very good I am keen on it for the t-zone it’s really good all through too if I would like a full matte look that day this has been like my go-to matte primer. So these two bronzing merchandise have really been standing out to me this month. So I actually spent a great deal of this month with no tan on.

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It really it made me check out my bronzers, and be like hmm which one’s gonna work, and the hoola one merely works for me after I’ve no tan on as soon as I do have a tan on it merely works after I’ve a tan I actually just like the hoola for like additional of contouring, and really together with that shadow, after which what I have never obtained a tan hoola is my go-to to bronze up my pores and pores and skin, and supplies me some life once more into my pores and pores and skin it supplies the right amount of warmth with out being too warmth it’s only a glorious bronzer I actually really feel want it is very versatile in the event you do not private this bronzer I actually really feel resembling you need it, after which I’ve the hoola kwikki cream bronzer cream to powder bronzer I really love this too after I’ve no tan on, and I’m my pale pores and pores and skin tone that’s like that glorious warmth I’d not say warmth let’s prime say warmth because of it sounds harmful I indicate I don’t it positively wouldn’t look orange on my pale pores and pores and skin because of that’s what I didn’t want it merely gives me a nice neutral contour you understand cuz I don’t for some trigger I merely do not love cool toned contours or bronzers really. So that is quite like that glorious shade that’s not too warmth as soon as I am pale it is not my favorite as soon as I am tan I’ll say it’s merely the shade is simply not my favorite as soon as I am tan. Nevertheless as soon as I am pale this has been like my go-to cream to powder bronzer I really really want it. So I’ve some lip merchandise I really have to share with you guys that’s one which I’ve merely tried presently. So I indicate I indicate it’s nonetheless November. So technically open November favorite if I am keen on it presently, and I am keen on it. Thus far. Nevertheless like I discussed I merely tried it presently. So that you understand you might take this with a grain of salt to ensure that you. Nevertheless I’ve favored Kylie liquid lipsticks for. So prolonged like her technique is completely bomb you guys. Nevertheless this shade though like this shade I knew I might adore it as rapidly as I seen her swatch one different nurse snapjet that’s the shade of birthday go effectively with it is.

Gorgeous you guys I’m carrying it on my lips presently, and I over line them a little bit of bit that’s the reason they seem kinda giant I did not get lip filler merely over lined. Nevertheless I actually like this shade it’s most likely probably the most gorgeous warmth nude prefer it’s. So glorious it’s just like the Marc Jacobs yours to attempt. Nevertheless the issue with the Marc Jacobs yours to attempt don’t get me fallacious I am keen on it. Nevertheless typically it’s want it is very very warmth want it is a it’s a little bit of bit typically it’s a little bit of bit too peachy warmth I often have to like cool it down a little bit of bit with like as an example Mac and so forth lip liner that’s what I usually pair with it. Nevertheless this I actually really feel want it is like glorious like the right warmth nude I’m obsessive about it I nonetheless love the Marc Jacobs one though that one merely has a little bit of bit additional peach to it, and I’ve moreover really been loving at this lip liner I seen Carli bybel nearly talked about Kat Von D I seen Carli bybel placed on this lip liner it’s a good shade bow, and arrow by Kat Von D, and I really appreciated it on her. So I purchased it, and I favored it it’s only a really pretty shade it is not super warmth like I often go for it additional like a neutral it might pull a little bit of bit on the cooler facet it’s only a really pretty main lip color I’ve been carrying it quite quite a bit this month because of I’ve merely kind of wanted to do additional of like a pure lip. So what I’ve been doing is lining my lips filling them in a little bit of bit, after which smudging it merely to have that like nearly like a sheer wash of color that’s matte, and wouldn’t identify an extreme quantity of consideration to the lips I’ve really been using it quite quite a bit for that this month. So shifting on to browse I moreover seen seen Carli bybel used the shade M&E, and she or he I’ve black hair, and she or he has like really darkish brown hair.

I was pondering hmm if she makes use of ebony, and my hair is like black pitch black probably I should attempt a bunny to like probably I might look good with darker brows. So I decided to take a look at darker brows, and likewise you guys I have been residing like residing for the darker brow, and what’s humorous is you guys have been telling me for with out finish like I’ve on a regular basis gotten suggestions from you guys like oh it is best to darken your brows a little bit of bit, and I on no account listened some sorry for not listening to you guys. Nevertheless I’ve been falling in love with the darker brows oh you guys know I already favored these merchandise the brow Wiz, and the brow powder I’ve talked about them sooner than. But it surely absolutely’s additional of the shade this month I’ve merely been loving darker brows. So this month I fell in love with the model new pair of lashes that’s the mannequin daring face cosmetics they actually attain out to me, and wanted to ship me their lashes they’re a small start up mannequin, and I was like optimistic. So that they despatched them to me, and I was very very first thing I seen was like this packaging how dope is that this packaging I’m actually carrying their lashes presently that’s the reason they aren’t inside the discipline. Nevertheless this packaging is. So dope it actually comes with like a little bit of Wayne proper right here I have no idea must you guys couldn’t see that there’s like a wing there’s like this flap correct proper right here. So everytime you open the sector it makes it easy to tug the lashes correct out. So it’s super cool it moreover comes with a one different wing like on the packaging. Nevertheless as soon as I went to go retailer retailer it in my drawers it was like awkward to retailer it because of it had like this awkward prolonged wing. So I kind of decrease that off. Nevertheless must you maintain this little half on you might slide that lashes out in any case I on no account bought the packaging the packaging is dope these are the style lashes for days I’m carrying them correct now they’re very very very lightweight very very pure, and actually fluttery, and straightforward like all of you guys had been like oh what mascara are you using a my girl they’re lashes like they appear like yours. Nevertheless greater like typically as soon as I am merely going like as an example to the mall or one factor I have to placed on lashes. Nevertheless then as soon as I am going to put them on I’m like oh my god I look. So dramatic you don’t even like typically I don’t have to look that bat that glam, and I actually really feel like everytime you positioned on a pair of lashes typically you look.

Glam which is superior. Nevertheless ought to you don’t want to look very overly executed or overly glam these are the lashes you might want to pop on because of they’re gonna enhance your pure lashes they’re. So pretty, and like fluttery, and fluffy. Nevertheless very lightweight, and you don’t actually really feel them the least bit okay. So now I’ve some skincare, and hair care I really have to share with you guys that I’ve fallen in love with. So this has been a favor for a while. Nevertheless I merely really wanted to level out it as soon as extra because of it’s. So balm you guys that is rather like the one masks that I actually really feel resembling you need. So I’m like I’m like that girl that like I exploit a great deal of fully completely different masks, and some is conscious of what I tried them out I’m like did you really do one thing for my pores and pores and skin though like typically I actually really feel like I don’t uncover that they did one thing. Nevertheless that’s the one masks that I’ve tried that I on a regular basis uncover that it does one factor to my pores and pores and skin this leaves my pores and pores and skin. So clear like zero texture zero want it takes out your whole whiteheads it really helps me with my blackheads because you guys know your girls acquired a problem with blackheads like I am flooded with them. Nevertheless this really helps it quite quite a bit every single time I exploit this my pores and pores and skin is like ready for the week it’s clear it’s good it’s like merely ready for the week, and actually one time I acquired lazy, and I didn’t use this because of I usually use this every pamper routine which is mostly on Sundays I acquired lazy one week, and I didn’t use it, and immediately that week I would inform if my make-up didn’t go on as clear my pores and pores and skin merely didn’t look as good it didn’t look as clear, and it was because of I didn’t use this that week. So I am like religiously using this one one to 2 cases per week it’s fantastic it has 25% aah a, and a few% BH a. So it’s nearly like a little bit of mini little mini chemical masks you understand I indicate you when you’ve delicate schedule like this too because of my sister has delicate pores and pores and skin she tried this it burns a little bit of bit additional on her than it does not imply it does burn a little bit of bit everytime you put it on you feel a little bit of little little bit of a burn for me it is sort of a to 2 or three out of 10 can of burn for my sister was additional like a 6 7 because of she has delicate pores and pores and skin. But it surely absolutely wasn’t one thing like oh my god it’s burning like crazy you understand it’s gonna burn, and tingle a little bit of bit.

It’s doing the job look it’s doing little work. Nevertheless I’ve heard. So many people with very delicate pores and pores and skin love this like you don’t get harmful reactions it’s only a really I indicate I’m raving about it like I’m talking about it with out finish it’s a like that’s like my main masks that I actually really feel like I would like cannot dwell with out its fantastic it’s quite expensive. Nevertheless you guys it’s worth it like I will say I am like pretty low-cost you guys I hate spending money. Nevertheless drunk elephant skincare is one issue I will spend money on prefer it’s worth it third stuff works it’s one issue to buy a product that’s like $70. Nevertheless then it could not really do one thing these work like drunk elephant merchandise are fantastic I actually like their skincare. So I moreover tried a model new hair product which is kind of unusual for me because you guys know I’m not like a hair junkie I’m pretty simple with my hair. Nevertheless I’ve heard merely. Lots about this vogue ending cream like all people, and their mama has been loving this ending cream. So I figured I’m gonna attempt it out what I favored this for I fell in love with it immediately to start with because of it merely smells really pretty it smells super tender, and pretty not too intently fragranced it’s merely very good. Nevertheless what I fell in love with this for was it truly is the one issue that winds up my hair, and like it takes rid of that bait the new child hair it’s like as rapidly as I straighten my hair there’s on a regular basis these hairs as you guys can see there’s like none there correct now that’s most probably one or two there’s on a regular basis hairs like standing up, and kind of making an attempt all crazy my little one hairs. Nevertheless must you merely take a tiny little little bit of this that’s the issue too want it might be a bit on the pricier facet too.

In case you merely need the tiniest bit, and it does the job take a little bit of bit put it down, and voila like my hair is accomplished you guys know I usually do like trendy ponytails or trendy buns this really helps to take care of each factor in place with out it making an attempt overly executed like overly gelled, and to to sleeked. So closing product is that this Dermalogica every day micro foliage. So I have been on the market for a model new exfoliator for a while I actually just like the Murad pores and pores and skin sharpening Swilly I really love that. Nevertheless that for me is a little bit of bit additional of a softer exfoliate it’s one factor I exploit as soon as I don’t want to really get in there you understand I merely want like a nice exfoliate it does the job it’s good I am keen on it. But it surely absolutely’s not like a deep exfoliator. So I wanted to attempt a model new one, and I heard. So many people for ever talked about this mannequin, and talked about this um exfoliator it’s nearly a rice powder. So it is a powder exfoliator he merely dumped it out that which suggests I’m not gonna dump out quite quite a bit cuz you understand I don’t have to waste it because of that’s hella expensive you guys I purchased it on Sephora, and I was like what I consider it’s like $70 Canadians it’s a powder technique, and nearly what you do is as you’re washing your face your arms are already moist your face is already moist you do not need a great deal of it. Nevertheless merely put about half a teaspoon rub it spherical, and it creates like a paste, and go ahead, and exfoliate your face, and oh my god it does the job you guys want it really will get in there with out feeling like I’m like too abrasive to my pores and pores and skin it would get in there. Nevertheless in a fragile technique in a technique like how easy it is to utilize, and it really retains my pores and pores and skin making an attempt really good, and up to date eliminates all the lifeless pores and pores and skin I am keen on it. Nevertheless in any case I hope you guys don’t ideas that that’s solely a favorites publish, and that there are no regrets. Nevertheless in any case I hope you guys nonetheless cherished this publish thanks guys. Lots for finding out, and as on a regular basis I will see you guys in my subsequent one bye guys.

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