The digitally designed MathSurf surface (above), by Nuru for Mumbai’s NU.DE Architecture, is cast in DuPont Corian. The future forward architect used complex machinery to fabricate the panels. For Mumbai collective RED Architects, Rajiv created Hexagonal oak wood wall covering (below) inspired by computer generated pixels for its form. The gentle undulating wave that even hides the door is visually captivating. Website:;


I met up with John on a couple of occasions. I was then living in Ruislip, West London; my father had been posted to RAF Northolt while I was away on the Vexilla. John lived in North London, in Watford. We met in town and got drunk in the West End and rehashed the recent past. We drank in the Kings Road and went to clubs in Soho. We both told each other how great it was to be home. I couldn’t wait to get back to sea. The early spring days dragged by. I watched television in the evenings if I wasn’t going out, lying there inert, smoking, watching the fare of the day: The Saint; The Avengers; Danger Man; The Invaders; Softly, Softly. In the day I explored corners of London: I wandered the Maritime Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the National Gallery; I drank in the Blind Beggar in Mile End Road and found the alleys where Jack the Ripper did his exercise; went in the Whispering Gallery in St Pauls and wandered the silver vaults.

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