The Nutritionist And Founder Of Harley Street Clinic

What I ate Today Rhiannon Lambert

We ask the nutritionist and founder of Harley Street clinic, Rhitrition, to reveal the foods that fuel her day.


‘I wake up and have a glassof water to rehydrate anda matcha green tea to giveme an energy boost. Aftera protein-rich breakfastof scrambled eggs andsmoked salmon on ryebread, I try to squeeze in aworkout or some stretchingbefore walking to my clinicin Harley Street.

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‘I believe that getting backto basics and keepingnutrition simple is theeasiest way to maintain ahealthy lifestyle. Our bodiesare as unique as ourpersonalities, so strivefor a way of eating thatworks for you.


‘I try to take packedlunches where possible.I usually have leftoversfrom dinner the nightbefore. I love leftoverroasted vegetables andchicken or tofu and enjoythem hot or cold – Isometimes add them to awrap the next day. If youhave access to an oven ormicrowave, leftovercurries and soups workreally nicely – I love a peaand mint soup. Anotherfavourite would besalmon fillet and stir-friedgreens. These are fabeaten cold as a saladthe next day and I addan extra sprinkle ofseeds and nuts ordried fruit.’


‘I usually have a home-cooked meal such aspan-fried white fish on abed of greens with somesweet-potato wedges.I often follow that witha protein pancake withberries and a relaxingchamomile tea to send meto sleep ahead of anotherinevitably busy day.


‘After a workout, I love tohave Greek yoghurt or aprotein shake – they’re soeasy and convenient totake with you or grab onyour way home. I ensureI refuel within 30 minutes offinishing to maximise myworkout and promoteprotein synthesis.’


‘I believe in being armedwith healthy, portionedsnacks so you’re lesslikely to make poorchoices when life getsin the way.I pack my handbag withthings such as roastedchickpeas, sachets of nutbutter, homemade trailmix, houmous and veggiesticks, or even cookedchicken for on-the-goeating.At work, I love havinga nut jar, limiting myselfto a handful mid morning.An afternoon snack ofan apple or someavocado and rice cakeswill keep me goinguntil dinner.’

The Nutritionist And Founder Of Harley Street Clinic


‘As a highly qualified nutritionist, Rhiannon knows better than mostwhat she needs to eat to be healthy and to help her stay energisedand focused throughout the day. She clearly practises what shepreaches. Her diet shows just how simple eating a healthy, balanceddiet can be and that it doesn’t have to be about trendy superfoodsand supplements. Thinking ahead and being prepared are thecornerstones to Rhiannon’s regimen, demonstrated by the fact thatshe’s always got healthy snacks at hand and plans her meals inadvance so, for her, the healthy choices are the easy choices.’

The Nutritionist And Founder Of Harley Street Clinic

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