NYE Hair A Chic Way to Dress Up a Simple Style

Hey girls Abbey here with a chic way to dress up your simple holiday hairstyles using just some bobby pins and to show you guys that style and also how to do this little kind of half up style again with the unexpected little bobby pin twist first we’re gonna saw if I show you how to do the bobby pins basically you’re gonna take your favorite color of nail polish and you’re gonna take your bobby pins and put them on a piece of paper or cardboard and space them out and then you’re just gonna take your nail polish and do a couple coats of the nail polish over the bobby pins until it’s completely opaque you can do it in whatever color you want and you’ve got your bobby pins ready to go now I’ll demonstrating this with a bun but you can do whatever you want here you could just brush this over like I’ll doing right here and put in a ponytail and leave it there maybe do a curled ponytail or you can go ahead and do what I did and twist it and wrap it into a bun you could even do a braid instead or a braided button really your imagination can take you wherever you want with this just as long as your hair hair is secured to your head. So that we can pin the bobby pins later basically to pin those bobby pins you’re gonna insert the first one at an angle and then put the second one through the loop of the first one that way that they’re joined together.

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So the corner of that little piece never comes apart because that would look a little funny if that happened once you’ve got that place you’re gonna go ahead and put in the second pair just behind the first pair matching the exact same angle now you want to check in the mirror after every single time you put a bobby pin in because that will help you to get the angles correct and you don’t end up with kind of a wonky looking thing because if you get these angles wrong it looks a little funny. So just make sure that you’re checking yourself in the mirror but if one goes in and it looks wrong just kind of slide it around in the hair until you get it where you want it and then it will stay there it’ll be just fine now for this half up style you’re gonna slip the hair diagonally across the back of the head as.

I here at the top half out of the way and then with the bottom half you’re just going to comb it smoothly over to one side and secure it with a clear hairband that way you don’t ever end up seeing it and now you’re gonna place the bobby pins exactly like we did for the bun or ponytail one basically placing it first at an angle then inserting the second one into the loop of the first one and continuing that for however many you used I used a bobby pins for a total of four pairs once you have that done you’re gonna go ahead and curl your ponytail going away from the face I used a one-inch clipless curling iron but you can use whatever you want to create kind of whatever waves you want just to continue to curl the hair in sections away from the face I do really like the look of this one-inch curling iron especially with the clipless curling iron to get you that nice glamorous look but honestly whatever you want – we’ll go right here. So just use your imagination again once you have all of it curl just run your fingers through it to make it look nice and effortless and then you’re done you’ve got your cute kind of glamorous hairstyle from the front and then in the back you had this unexpected bobby pin detail which I really love I think it’s great and unexpected and a cool chic way to dress up your hairstyle I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope you have a very happy new year and I will see you guys next year with my next post bye.

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