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My October favorites I cannot believe it’s time for November already this November marks the year anniversary of my marriage to my husband which is awesome and I’ll trying to get him to do some posts on my second my blog in like commemoration of our one year. So if you’re not following me on my second my blog you should go over there cuz I’ll like ninety-nine percent certain to those are gonna go up this month which I’ll excited about. So anyway moving on to actually favorite related things I’ll doing my favorites this month with luvocracy.com go ahead and get started okay starting out with my skincare favorites the first one I ended up using because I’ve been kind of stressed this month and whenever I get stressed I bite my lips a lot I don’t know why it’s the thing that I’ve always done at least it’s college I know I started doing it in college because my lips would always be chapped. So to fix that what I started using was the fresh sugar lip treatment and these are amazing I really like them because they’re very moisturizing and the heal your lips very quickly without becoming addicting which is very important to me I really like them they’re pricey um but.

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I think it’s worth it because it actually really works it is I think about chopsticks usually is that they they include some kind of wax in them that will kind of like seal your lips and seal bacteria into your lips. So if you have anything going on there and your lips are chapped you can end up with an infection which actually happened to me in high school and I know that’s totally gross but it’s the reason why I don’t like chopsticks and the reason why I like this one is because it’s really literally a bomb and not a chopstick at all and it’s not addicting and it’s just perfect. So I really love these and it has been basically a lifesaver this month my next favorite I have a meeting to talk about four months and it is the bare face cleansing oil by julep basically I’ve been looking for a makeup remover that works and doesn’t make my skin dry that’s all I want but basically if you’re not using an oil the only other options are alcohol-based cleansers or sulfate face cleansers and most those are going to dry your skin out. So I started using this to remove my makeup and I love it. So much basically I don’t know if it’s that much better than every other oil base makeup remover out there I know neutrogena does one there’s also ways that you can DIY your own and all this a couple of articles that I write on that and the downbar serious can read about that but basically it’s amazing and I love it basically when.

I wear like a full face of makeup what I’ll do is I’ll use a couple pumps all over my face and massage it in and it takes off all my long wear makeup it takes off my waterproof makeup and it’s amazing but anyway oil base makeup removers are my new favorite thing now and I wanted to tell you guys about that because I just think it’s an awesome option as opposed to using something with alcohol or sulfates. So big favorite this month my final skincare favorite is the its potent eye cream by benefit I really like this it’s basically just kind of hits all the basis of what you want in an eye cream it is moisturizing it d puffs and it helps with dark circles now I think it’s kind of a good like entry level one if you have really severe wrinkles underneath your eyes if you have really severe dark circles or really severe puffiness this might not be enough for you but if you only have a little bit of all that or you just want something to help prevent any of that from happening This a good thing. So I’ll a big fan of it and now we’re going to go on to makeup and I have been on a no makeup by since July which for a beauty girl is a huge deal basically I’ll allowing myself one exception to that and that is basically around this time of year sephora and alta do a twenty percent off of your whole purchase coupon. So I’ll going to wait and choose one of those stores and make one purchase with my twenty percent off coupon and that’s it until the end of the year. So This my first favorite of makeup is actually luvocracy.com solid eight that’s why I decided charlevoix christianity it’s kind of the same concept as pinterest where you say things to a board but the difference is that on lavaca see you can actually buy thing directly through the website. So you could actually put your credit card into just one place and you can buy stuff from like a bunch of different stores and what time. So you don’t end up like putting your credit card all over the internet. So if you’re a little cautious about that it’s kind of good. So I just think that’s really cool. So I made a wish list over there and I’ve been using it a lot for that but the other thing and This why I’ve really got them into it not just like kind of using it but really gotten into it is that the taste level on luvocracy.com line shop and I tend to go to the same websites all the time. So I see the same things over and over again and it’s cool and lavaca Seekings that I’ve never seen before kind of like walking into a boutique versus like when you’re on pinterest it’s like walking into target it’s not like targets bad but sometimes it’s fun to look at things that are a little bit more elevated in a little bit more unique anyway that was my first makeup favorite and that was way too long I’ll. So rry. So moving on my next makeup favorite I have the benefit hide your smooth lip color I really love this and I didn’t expect you it’s really good what I like about it is that it is basically a perfect hybrid of a lipstick and a lip balm this one is actually just as pigmented as a lipstick it lasts like we’re on for hours which like the average lipstick does but it is like intensely hydrating like a lip balm and I was in my pinup makeup tutorial and basically I got a bunch of comments on it where people were like wow that lipstick makes your lips look really full really pretty or you know whatever and I was like yes it does it makes my lips look perfect. So it’s awesome.

I’ll definitely buying I have one of these on my wish list already on democracy and I am at least going to buy one possibly more cuz I love them um it’s just really pretty. So if you have a chance to swatch them and see for yourself definitely do because they’re pretty amazing my next favorite is a rediscovery because I have not been buying makeup I have been shopping my stash a little bit and kind of like rediscovering and reliving products and one of those things has been publicized by sigma it’s in there flare palette but I literally only use this eyeshadow the other eyeshadows just aren’t really colors I go for a lot but this one is very close to my skin tone. So it’s a great base color and what I love about it and what makes it unique over all other kind of mad close to my skin tone eye shadows is that it’s a demi matte finish. So it doesn’t look powdery or cakey it’s somehow it makes my eye skin like healthy and glowy looking and that doesn’t seem like an important thing until you try it out and you’re like dude I look awesome or at least my eyelids look awesome and it just makes me really excited. So it’s a huge favorite of mine and I’ll kind of thinking of like d potting just this one. So I don’t have to keep pulling out this whole palette for it I’d not expect it but I really love it and finally I feel like I need to mention this because I talked about my no makeup by cuz I broke my no makeup by once okay just once because I thought that this was limited edition but it’s not. So now I feel really guilty and I’ll sorry guys but anyway I got the revlon colorburst lip lacquer balm and I actually got one of the map bombs as well because it was buy one get one fifty percent off and I wanted to try both formulas but this one is the actual favorite this one is amazing um it’s basically like a lip gloss and a lip balm had a baby but it was in like a stick form if that makes any sense um basically it just looks like a little stick bomb kind of thing and it applies a lot like the lip gloss it looks shiny like a lip gloss and I love this color because it makes your lips just look perfect and you can wear it with like a full face of makeup like I am now or when you’re barely wearing any makeup but it just makes your lips look really beautiful and I’ll pretty sure that these are not going to be limited edition. So you will eventually be able to get your hands on one and when you can do cuz it’s awesome now for our hair favorites we have the pureology hydrate shampoo I just really love this stuff it is sulfate free it’s very natural but it still lathers really well it has a great scent to it smells kind of like going to a spa I can smell eucalyptus in it I don’t know what the other notes in it are but it’s just very natural smelling and it makes my hair super shiny and supersoft which I love it just makes it feel like it’s never been touched by heat and it’s never been colored it just feels very natural and soft and beautiful and that’s exactly what.

I want a shampoo to do like I wanted to give my hair clean and I want to my hair beautiful and it does that. So I really recommend this I just think that This fantastic and I’ll really excited to try out other formulas by the same brand because it’s really good final favorite is a random favorite because I enjoy doing random favourites and This a little neck pillow that I got out I think those TJ maxx basically you can put it in the microwave and warm it up and it has a lavender scent to it. So it’s like warming and aromatherapy at the same time which is really cool and it’s meant to go just around your neck kind of like this and I just kind of like warms and soothes your muscles all around in this area which as a hairdresser is absolutely essential to life like you guys just don’t even know as a hairdresser you spend like ninety percent of your time like this and it gets really tiring on these poor little muscles back here. So I love having this at the end of the day I will come home and use this a lot of times actually while I’ll editing I’ll throw this on because while I’ll editing for whatever he’s going to get really tense. So this helps me to relax and the aromatherapy kind of helps me to calm down and it just helps you to kind of like feel pampered even though all it is just like a little microwavable pillow. So I really love it I think it was a great buy this month that is it for my October favorites make sure to head over to my second my blog and subscribe if you want to see our like one year anniversary posts that me and my husband do and then check out my luvocracy.com out with it’s totally awesome you I should at least check it out because I love it and that’s it I’ll see you guys in my next post I love you very much and I’ll see you later.

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