Off The Market! Corinne Olympios Drops Boyfriend Bombshell

Hey guys Casey Madden here with koryn elympios. So welcome. Yeah do people still call you corn. Yeah yeah. So that’s like forever a nickname yes I love that first we got to talk about the Bachelorette okay are you reading, and reading okay what do we think. So far I don’t know I think that Becca is really really sweet I don’t know when I’m reading I’m like she’s not The Bachelor right I know I don’t know, it’s like really a weird thing. I don’t know I’m nothing against her I think she’s so great. So sweet beautiful I just don’t I don’t know, it’s kind of Lucy’s is boring the seasons the guy stuff oh you guys really suck. I just don’t love any I only like one guy, and I like clay I still don’t know what I’m doing you don’t like Holton either I do like Colton I think he’s really cute really sweet. But like for me if I was like going through all of that, and then becoming the Bachelorette like getting. So far, and like actually getting a chance to be the Bachelorette like. I just wouldn’t want someone that hooked up with my friend like really I made it all the way to be the Bachelorette I have a broken engagement, and you’re gonna give me someone that hooked up with my friend. Yeah why oh I am. So so a lot of people on Twitter think that you’re similar to Jordan in some ways a little bit of a villain edit as far as being enclosed, and being comfortable no one’s gonna beat me at that that’s what I do I’m a professional addict that’s what makes me me I hope to god I wasn’t that annoying I was just really being me, and I really know he’s literally like I need to be the boy version of Corinne. Yeah that’s exactly it loser all right great. So what have you been up to since The Bachelor listen on everything you’re working on. So many projects I am. So I have my clothing line with Ryan Society I’m actually working on a new drop. So some old styles are still up right now. But there’s gonna be all brand-new stuff. So exciting I have my podcast is so random I’m working on a mini with page six, and my book that is really really coming along okay are you dating anyone how’s your love life doing I’m doing really well I’m seeing someone, it’s casual, it’s new. So I don’t really want to say too much okay we don’t want to jinx it yeah. But no I mean life’s good. Yeah telling okay. So, it’s been like a year since bachelor in paradise scandal is there anything that you learned from that experience now looking back I learned a lot about myself. Yeah that’s right I also like give myself a pat on the back I mean that’s not something easy to go through. I it was really hard, and like I’m just a really strong woman what power to you power to corn you want to get to that corn okay well thank you. So much for chatting thank you for having. So much fun, and guys if you want to learn more about current hot okay magazine calm you.

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